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Craft fairs, Farmer’s Markets, Garden Clubs, so many interesting venues have become available to promote my book and meet some wonderful people here in Connecticut. The world of self publishing is a fascinating one most of the time, a world that takes diligent effort. I am a member of APSS, the Association of Publishers for Self Sales and I highly recommend it to those of you in similar circumstances. We get asked to participate in a variety of events. Many of the CT authors I have met are featured on the CT Authors Trail sponsored by libraries in the NE. And we receive terrific benefits, webinars both local ( here in CT) and nationwide.  Check their site and I think you will be impressed.

In the meantime for those of you checking out my blog and website, thank you. It’s been a pleasure and there’s more to come before the year is done.

Would love to hear your reviews of this book trailer.

Enjoy. Judith

Judith Dreyer, MS, BSN, Writer, Speaker, Holistic Health Consultant and Workshop Presenter, Master Gardener. © all rights reserved. 


Sharing is caring!