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Myra Goodman and her husband founded Earthbound Farm organic, a familiar site in our supermarket’s produce case. She spoke recently at the TEDX talks Manhattan  on the topic : Changing The Way We Eat.

I didn’t realize how small the organic industry is in the US. Only 4.2 % of sales in food dollars are organic. Less than 1% of our farmland is organic. 99% of our food production farms  use conventional pesticides to manage problems. Pesticide use creates problems for humans and other species. What is the definition of organic?

Earthbound Farm organic states: “Federally regulated since 2002, the term organic means food grown using methods that foster the health and harmony of the ecosystem, including the people and animals living in it.”


Organic food is produced with:
No synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fumigants
No fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge
No genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
No irradiation
No hormones, antibiotics, artificial ingredients or trans fats

This method of farming is catching on… from those of us who plant an earth box planter for growing our own organic greens to the younger generations choosing farming as a lifestyle, career choice and everything in between.

Did you know that Earthbound Farms also makes a commitment to using recycled packaging? The process described below is less expensive than making plastics from scratch.

Facts, Farms, Food. We vote with our fork. Let’s vote organic.

Enjoy. Judith

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