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I would like to share a video with you in which Michael Pollan is interviewed discussing his new book, Cooked. This interview gives us a sense of his writing, his focus, his perspective about getting back to the kitchen.  Why have we been seduced into thinking fast food is better? Research shows we are healthier, family’s’ are stronger when meals are cooked and shared. The past three interviews have focused on aspects of wild foods, easily available in most environments.  Dandelion greens fresh picked can be added to salads. Yarrow can be harvested today, dried for tea making. Blackberries are plump and many of us have a favorite way to use this ripe fruit. They can be dried or frozen for later use. At the very least farmers markets give us access to fresh local food some of which is organic.

My students and I investigate the number of ingredients in fast food entrees. So many are fillers, stabilizers, preservatives that are not natural to food making. I will tell you most are appalled and unaware which so surprises me as many are entering the health care professions.

Michael also relates his chapters focus to the four elements. As I continue to study other health models, I am impressed that he understands the place elements have in governing and shaping our planet. Many of our grandfathers of only a few generations ago knew this. Thank you Michael for reminding us and helping us remember one of the joys of being here. Thank you Rick Hueston and Tim MacWelch for teaching and sharing wild food foraging and recipes. Thank you to Michael Judd for showing us easy ways to create an edible landscape.

I invite you to pull out a favorite recipe and cook. Iced sun tea and reading Cooked, works for me on a sweltering summer’s day.

Enjoy. What summer cooking time do you enjoy? I’d enjoy hearing your story.




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