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GMO: Non GMO’s: 10 online resources to keep up to date on legislation and what is happening to our food system.



In doing the research for these past several blogs on GMO’s: the Science and the Myths I came across several organizations that are dedicated to the cause of changing the way we think about our connection to food, how is it grown, what chemicals are used and the amount that seeps into our food, animal and farm safety and  the health consequences for all species. I chose 10 for today’s blog but there are many more grass roots efforts. Many courageous folks are in our school systems whether parents, school board members or teachers who are growing gardens, changing menus and contributing to educating our children about what good wholesome food really is. In one of Jamie Oliver’s webcasts he demonstrated that some of our children who depend on fast food have no idea what fresh vegetables taste or look like.

We are making a difference but it is up to us to make that difference. Again I urge you to sign petitions, let our lawmakers know we have the right to know what is in our food, really.

    1. The Non-GMO project: gmo news, enter in a product and see if it is non GMO
    2.  The Center for Food Safety: good resource for current information on food safety; petitions to sign; informative and relevant newsletters, fact sheets etc.
    3. Cornucopia Institute: advocate for ecologically produced, small family farms and  agriculture;
    4. GMO Inside: htt:// We have the right to know what’s in our food; helpful information; action petitions; news
    5. Check out your state’s mission on these topics. I currently reside in New York and have included some of the legislature up for vote. GMO Free New York: their mission is to inspire and empower New Yorkers to help us get Assembly bill A. 3525 ( Rosenthal) and Senate Bill S.3835 (LaValle) which mandates the labeling of genetically engineered foods offered for retail sale in New York – passed by 2014.
    6. Vindana Shiva: activist in the fight to grow food from farmer owned seeds not corporate owned seeds and making a huge difference in India.
    7. Ocean Robbins: the Food Revolution network:
    8. Organic Consumers Association: great articles
    9. Simple Bites: practical helpful knowledge that reinforces the fact that we vote with our food dollars.
    10. The Institute for Responsible Technology: founded by Jeffrey Smith, one of the anchors for the GMO Summit along with John Robbins and Ocean Robbins.

The momentum is building.  We are making a difference. I hope you will sign petitions and lend a hand to promote the changes we seek.

Enjoy. Judith

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