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We walked around his urban yard and backyard loaded with plants humming with bees. He pointed out the daylily, blooming and ready for picking and steaming. Next we admired a tall and majestic mullein plant whose stalk was bursting with yellow flowers.


I had not heard that hosta shoots in the early spring  are edible at least not in the typical medicinal herb books or herb circles I have sat in. I enjoy the beauty of hosta gardens so this is something for me to look into.  Something to share with the deer. . . 🙂



Primitive Café provides us options on how to properly prepare these plant parts into foods for our family.  Basically he wants to make the use of them more “user” friendly. We are divorced from our connection to the land.  Some children go hungry when edibles can be found.  We have not been taught nor are we teaching the younger generations to explore the outdoors and learn from nature. Most plants are packed with nutrition too.

He mentioned Euell Gibbons and his research on wild plants and their nutritional value. Euell Gibbons’ books are some of my favorites when looking for recipes.

Rick  spent a week with John Kallas out in Oregon harvesting and cooking wild edibles.  Elderberry pancakes, cattail pollen pancakes sounded scrumptious. I found John Kallas on line and read one (of many) of his articles on dandelion. It was humorous, practical and included recipes.

I recommend you stop by his Facebook page and web presence Rick also holds an extremely popular spring wild food edible weekend in West Virginia. He is in the process of writing a book and I hope he’ll let us know when it’s finished. His Facebook page is accessible too.



So thank you Rick  for opening your home to me, sharing you philosophy and for all you do for us and the next seven generations.  The sharing and the teaching of all you have gathered in make a difference. Well, I am headed out to the fields around me, gathering greens to add to my salad. How about you? Any wild food recipes to share?

Enjoy your day everyone, Judith


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