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The plant world gives us many gorgeous flowers to eat, to add to soups, pancakes, teas, salads etc.  Remember to properly identify your plant and know that no pesticides were used.

Nasturtium, Tropaeolum majus,  is one of the most popular edible plants and one of my garden favorites too.  Easy to care for, low growing, this plant produces succulent leaves and flowers that help color the garden’s summer  palette in vibrant yellows and oranges.   Commonly added to salads for its peppery taste it can also be added to soups. Nasturtium recipes are easy to find. Looking for something different for your summer cookout? Try stuffed nasturtium blossoms.


Borage, Borago officinalis , produces periwinkle purple blossoms that support bees. A medicinal plant in its own right, borage’s blossoms can be candied, used as a garnish for desserts, added to soups, and even frozen and then added to ice tea.  Want more ideas for summer cuisine? Try cucumber and borage flower salad.



 Sunflowers are  another  stunning example of the complex design found in nature.  I am always amazed when I look closely at this flower, aren’t you?

Sunflowers vibrant yellow discs are mini sunshines that attract bees, feed bees, numerous wildlife species and provide us with valuable oil.

Sunflower petals can be lightly steamed to contribute flavor to your vegetable dish.  Sunflower buds can be steamed or boiled with onions, butter and garlic. Sunflower petals can be added honey. The soft flavor will infuse into the honey which can then be added to teas, cookies, breads as needed. Sunflowers have a rich history. The flowers and seeds are an invaluable contribution to our food supply. The Great Sunflower Bee Project, volunteer based that originated in San Francisco uses the sunflower to monitor the number of pollinators in a given area. One can sign u, receive a packet of seeds, count bees and then submit results.

Three vibrant flowers, commonly planted, fill our gardens with poetic grace. Do you have any favorite flower uses or recipes? I would enjoy hearing from you.

Have a great day.


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