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Beautiful and thoughtfully written, At the Garden’s Gate traces a woman’s inner journey as she creates a wildflower meadow. The meadow becomes a teacher, a metaphor for life, and a calling. Tucked within the pages of this magical book are threads of gold; poems, quotes, meditations, and ceremonies one can use in one’s own garden. And also, sound and practical instructions for creating a wildflower meadow.

Rosemary Gladstar

Author and herbalist from her wildflower meadow in Vermont

“At the Garden Gate” is a beautiful journey through one woman’s life of inner and outer exploration with an emerging meadow as her guide. Judith’s use of the Medicine Wheel of Truth and the plants that make each truth come alive serves not only as a physical framework but as a spiritual anchor as she discovers the truth of her own being. As I read this book I felt the plants and landscape reaching out encouraging me to stop mowing and a breath of inspiration blew through me. Thanks to Judith Dreyer and her heart-felt story for filling me with excitement to co-create a meadow landscape where my favorite plant friends can flourish.

Pam Montgomery

Author and herbalist from her wildflower meadow in Vermont , Author, educator, herbalist and nature evolutionary

An inspiring and beautiful book, At the Garden’s Gate, opens the door to our connection with the exuberant natural world of plants and herbs. Judith Dreyer’s transformation of part of her lawn into a meadow, tracing the Native American medicine wheel onto her meadow, selecting common plants with extraordinary possibilities, brings us into the heart of how nature is always at hand to heal us physically and spiritually. How can we live our life enriched by nature’s gifts that are within our easy grasp? Trained by L. Cota and herbalists, with echoes from Ayurveda and ancient therapies, Dreyer answers this question with vibrant examples from her nature apothecary. Consciousness of nature presences around her and their impact on her own personal reawakening from loss and change, this book invites us to embrace nature and renew ourselves. – See more at:

Pramila Venkateswaran

Author of Thirtha, Behind Dark Waters, Draw Me Inmost, and Trace

Similar to the healing properties of the plants honored in its chapters, At the Garden’s Gate enriches us through a shared botanical knowledge steeped with Native American teachings. A story which not only educates the mind, but the soul as well.

Edward Bonapartian

Author of The Stories of Our Lives

At the Gardens Gate is a wonderful journey that includes the spiritual side of gardening and connecting with nature while at the same time giving you basic, helpful information on how to use plants to the best advantage. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about the plant world.

Caryn Moya Block

Award winning paranormal romance author

A charming book! I enjoyed reading about the practical uses and healing qualities of plants. Your intention to align with Nature, your creativity and perseverance are beautifully related in your walk of personal growth and transformation. You showed us your soul.


What a fascinating read! I would highly recommend this book. A passionate invitation to embrace the mystery of life. Judith Dreyer has a way of making the ordinary come alive. I am looking forward to reading any of her future books.

JJ McGowan

A soft, quiet grace seemed to descend all around me when I began reading this book. The soft grace that all is well and beautiful in the world that Judith Dreyer has invited us into.  I couldn’t wait to read the pages of her journey, as wonder upon wonder was revealed, my curiosity piqued, my insights carefully tended.  The invitation here is to enter into the world of what garden really is, to orient oneself within the greater order of that world, and with knowledge and with achievable plans, create that for ourselves in our own backyard.


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