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Blog: Feathers
“A heart without dreams is like a bird without feathers.” — Suzy Kassem.

Do you like to find a feather on your walks? I do, and I‘m sure many of you do, too. Do you have a favorite? A client of mine remarked recently that she keeps receiving Blue Jay feathers. Do you dream of birds? I have, and flying with them in a dream is magical. Grandmother Twylah Nitsche reminded us that you receive a gift of peace if you find a feather.

Feathers, for me, have been helpful, conferring confirmation or reminding me that a message is coming in.
In previous blogs, I wrote about many birds who fly into our daily awareness and dreams. Did you know that their feathers speak to us, too?

When I was looking to move, I headed South from New England. As I traveled down the highway, I kept seeing pairs of hawks, which was a bit unusual. Hawks perch on highway lampposts but usually singly. I continued to southern Virginia and did not find anything. I could not get a feel for these towns or locations, property, or housing. As I left the area and began to head out of the city west towards the mountains, a hawk flew over my car as if traveling with me and as if to say: “You are finally going in the right direction.!” My energy felt uplifted. I appreciated the wonder of having a hawk fly with me and the intuitive message that came in strongly, one I pay attention to.

Hawks generally indicate a message coming in about something you could be pondering. I have taken walks, paused, and found a hawk feather at my feet. I do make a note of this occurrence in my dream journal. Usually, within a day or three, I get an answer or feel I get a feeling, an idea, or even clarity about something on my mind. Not every feather carries the weight of possibility, and some carry the message of peace, as mentioned above. However, feathers have different purposes. Some are used as fans for ceremonies. Some are decorations. Some in rituals. For example, whenever we formed a circle with our elders, we smudged ourselves with sage using a feather or feathers to wash the smoke around our body.

Crow feathers, for me, have been helpful. Remember intuition, our internal GPS operating system, one we are all born with? I was at a women’s circle, and we were asked to go outside and be with nature and whatever was on our minds and hearts. I was contemplating a home purchase. I walked around and then stopped, and at my feet, I found a crow feather, which I took as a positive sign. Once the paperwork was signed on the property (the one I asked about in my walk), I strolled around my new home and walked the land. And I came upon a crow feather. I felt I received confirmation that my choice was right for me both times.

There are four types of feathers, and they offer three primary purposes to the bird.
• “They give great lifting surface without weight
• -The bird can fluff them to trap air and insulate them against the cold
• -They provide a protective coat.” Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

When you find a feather, look up the bird and identify which type of feather you found. And then, if it feels right, record it in your journal.
Are you being uplifted in some way?
Are you lightened up in some way?
Are you protected, or are you reminded that you are protected?
The list goes on, but I think you get the idea.
                                                                  “She decided to free herself, dance into the wind, create a new language. And birds fluttered around her, writing “yes” in the sky.”
                                                                                                                                                    Monique Duval
Sweet Dreaming, Judith

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