A Storyteller is the Guardian of the history and Sacred Traditions that can help all of us as we try to walk on the Sacred Path to balance. It is most important to keep the ancient knowledge alive for the children to have with them as they grow and begin their journeys helping them to see the Medicine Lessons that still apply today. The arrival of the Storyteller was a much celebrated time for many bands and tribes of North America as they brought the ancient stories along with news of what was happening with the other Peoples they had visited. “

Why stories this month? Winter and the North teachings celebrated the storyteller in many traditions. The days were quiet and most areas too cold to be out for long. It was a time of mending tools, sorting seeds for spring, planning the gardens, telling the teaching stories so the community remembers the wisdom gathered from one generation to another. Today we have movies, television, books, cd’s, with self publishing blossoming so fast we have stories instanty. Who in your family is a great storyteller? Who makes us laugh? I have friends originally from Ireland. The bards and the poets come out creating a lively Saturday night. I have participated in an open mike locally and marvel at the poems and stories that burst forth with passion and a deep need to be heard, especially those from our young folk. Stories have a magic and a mystery to them. Teachings, morality, ethics, right thought and right action can be hidden between the lines. We hear the same story differently when we visit them at different ages. What’s your favorite story? Have you taken the time to listen to your elders stories? Which ones fascinate you? Enjoy…Judith


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