MediMindful Moment Podcast: Meet Dr. Leesa Sklover

In this episode of Cloud 9 Online’s MediMindful Moment podcast, co-hosts Judith Dreyer, Jeff Nelder, and Henry Edinger interview Leesa Sklover, Ph.D., LPC, MA-CMT, CRC, IKYTA, C-IAYT, ACA, the Director of Sklover Love Life Productions. Leesa talks about integrating the use of meditation, music, and creative therapies and the significance of vibration in words and music.

Episode Highlights:

  • Judith introduces Dr. Leesa Sklover. (00:40)
  • Leesa shares that she started her career as a musician and a professional singer-songwriter. (1:16)
  • Leesa mentions that most of what she’s doing incorporates the use of meditation, music, and healing through all of the creative therapies. (1:26)
  • Leesa leads the mindful moment exercise. (4:10)
  • Leesa shares that her music genre is country pop-rock. (9:41)
  • Leesa mentions her new single entitled, Throw My Arms All Around You. (9:49)
  • Leesa shares that the majority part of our brain is musical rather than verbal, and from her perspective, meditating using sound is the key. (10:05)
  • What would Leesa suggest to someone that’s new to meditation? (11:37)
  • Leesa shares that she usually gives people a certain kind of meditation, for every session that she does for psychotherapy. (11:44)
  • Leesa mentions that vibration is a huge element in creating your own mantra. (12:54)
  • Leesa thinks that mindfulness is grounding, and meditation or other types of integrated therapies helps you to open yourself. (13:30)
  • How can people carry exercises with them throughout the day, so they can practice mindfulness? (19:40)
  • Leesa thinks that meditation is an opportunity to think through what’s bothering you, and to process it, and to figure out what you should do about it. (25:00)
  • From a music therapy perspective, Leesa thinks that everything is about the archetype of the heartbeat. Therefore, the whole world is set to the tempo. (25:13)
  • Leesa mentions her podcast series entitled, See Me As I Am. (29:13)

Key Quotes:

  • “Just think of the idea that at this moment in time, we need to bless ourselves, and bless every single person and being that we see.” Leesa Sklover
  • “Imagine yourself just singing this in your mind anywhere you are, anywhere you go. Imagine sending that circle to yourself and to those you care about, and to the things in nature that you care about. Just connecting those anchor cords everywhere you go and slowly feel your feet on the floor, feel yourself in the room, and slowly open your eyes.” Leesa Sklover
  • “Making sure you have the dusk and dawn ritual in your life and making sure that you keep that mindfulness allows people to slow down, and some people who are having a really difficult time, they’ve had to learn how to be mindful.” Leesa Sklover
  • “Think about those words, remember, remind. I’m reminding myself like Humpty Dumpty fell, you had to build them back up, you have to remind yourself all the time to bring yourself back into the moment that you’re in.” Leesa Sklover
  • “Slow yourself down and really breathe too and receive from what’s around you, and use mantra and chant as part of your mindfulness practice.” Leesa Sklover

Resources Mentioned:

Podcast: Holistic Nature of Us: Meet Dr. Leesa Sklover, Composer, Music Therapist

Description: My guest, Dr, Leesa Sklover, combines her talents in music, composing, singing, recording with the sounds that come from our oceans. Not just whales, but the clicks of lobsters add to the overall composition in delightful ways, connecting us through our wonderful senses. Sound moves us. We are enchanted by the sounds of whales and dolphins as we roam the deep blue seas. Her recording: Ode to the Arctic Angels is included in this podcast, a beautiful gift.

About My Guest: Leesa Sklover, Ph.D., LPC, C-IAYT, MA-CMT, IKYTA, A recording artist, of contemporary country and pop, and interspecies music, a film composer, Licensed counselor, music therapist, Ocean activist most of her life. A certified yoga therapist, Kundalini yoga teacher and sacred music and Eco Music artist. She worked at Canyon Ranch Spa for 12 years, in many hospitals and private practice for over 20 years, currently offices in Branford, Glastonbury, Shelton, and NYC. She is on the board for Cetacean society international and lectures and performs at workshops and conferences. She has been a professor at Sacred Heart University and the Master’s program at The Graduate Institute.,, 917 860 0488

TranscriptPod Transcript Dr. Leesa Sklover

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November 15th: Rocktown Writers Guild:  Bridgewater Community College room Mack B. Free parking. @rocktownwritersguild topics: Marketing and Story Plotting

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September 16th: 1-2 pm; Speaker:  All About Navigating Your Dream World, Book discussion with Q & A. Shenandoah and Elkton Library sponsors. For more information, call: 540.434.4475 option 600  Shenandoah Community Library 418 Third ST Shenandoah, VA 22849

September 14th: 6:30-8 pm: Rocktown Writers Guild: Massanutten Library, Harrisonburg, VA. Board member.

September 13th: 10-12 noon: The Notebooks (Writing Club): facilitator at North River /Library, Bridgewater, VA

August 2023

August 10th: 6:30-8 pm: Rocktown Writers Guild: Massanutten Library, Harrisonburg, VA.

August 9th: 10-12 noon: The Notebooks (Writing Club): facilitator at North River /Library, Bridgewater, VA

July 2023

July 20th: 6:30-8 pm Rocktown Writers Guild: Massanutten Library, Harrisonburg, VA.( Board of directors) Speaker:  “My Journey Through Self-Publishing.”

July 12th: 10-12 noon: The Notebooks (Writing Club): facilitator at North River /Library, Bridgewater, VA

June 2023

June 14th: 10-12 noon: The Notebooks (Writing Club): facilitator at North River /Library, Bridgewater, VA

June 7th: 6:30 pm: Rocktown Writers Guild: Massanutten Library, Harrisonburg, VA.

May 2023

May 21st: Navigating Your Dream World, both print and ebook, live on Amazon.

May 21: 10:30-11:30 am: Speaker: Navigating Our Dream World: It’s Time to Dream Again. Harrisonburg, VA Unitarian Universalists 4101 Rawley Pike Rockingham, VA. Also available on Zoom.

May 10th: 10-11:30 am The Notebooks (Writing Club): facilitator at North River /Library, Bridgewater, VA, with Guest: Clifford Garstang, award-winning Virginia author.

May 9: 7:30 am to 7:30 pm: Book Signing Event and Sales at Pop-up venue with: CYANWOOD Natural Lifestyles Center 2704 Spotswood Trail, Suite B Harrisonburg, Virginia; for more information: or Email me directly:

May 5: 10-4 pm: Book Signing Event and Sales for Earth Day at Stone Soup Bookstore, 150 Race Ave, Waynesboro, VA 22980.

April 2023

April 20: 10-4 pm Book Signing Event and Sales for Earth Day at Stone Soup Bookstore, 150 Race Ave, Waynesboro, VA 22980.

April 12th: 10-11:30 am The Notebooks (Writing Club): facilitator at North River /Library, Bridgewater, VA.

April: (TBD) 10-30 to 11:30 am Speaker: The Road from Religion to Spirituality. Harrisonburg, VA Unitarian Universalists 4101 Rawley Pike Rockingham, VA. Also available on Zoom.

April 7: 5-8 pm Book Signing and Jewelry Sales: join me for a fun fashion Ladies’ Night event at Karen’s Boutique, 405 N Main St. Bridgewater, Virginia. Karen is well known in this area for great clothes, jewelry, and more. 

March 8th: 10-11:30 am The Notebooks (Writing Club): facilitator at North River /Library, Bridgewater, VA.

February 8th:10-11:30 am The Notebooks (Writing Club): facilitator at North River /Library, Bridgewater, VA.

January 11: 10-11:30 am The Notebooks (Writing Club): facilitator at North River /Library, Bridgewater, VA.



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Docent/educator at the Wood Memorial Library, Nowashe Native American Village. Open Saturdays from 1-3. May through November 2021.


June 2020 through December 2020

All classes and bookings were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

June 9th: Replay Dr. Ashley Burkman: All about our immune system,

June 2nd: Episode 86: Meet Ajamu Ayinde: All about our emotions and coping during COVID-19, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy.

May 2020

May 26th: Episode 85: Meet Nate Liebenberg, co-founder, All about Ocean Conservation.

May 23rd: 10-12 noon: Dreams for Teens held at the Willington Public Library, Willington, CT. Please contact the library to register. Canceled due to the COVID pandemic.

May 19th: Episode 84: Meet Ayana Young, One Million Redwood research project and founder

May 14th: 1:30-2:30: Landscapes and Sustainability: Watertown Garden Club, Watertown Ct. Contact the club directly if interested. Canceled due to COVID-19.

May 12th: Episode 83: Meet Bettylou Sandy, Landscape design.

May 9th: 10-1 pm: Nature and Nowashe Free Event at the Wood Memorial Library South Windsor Ct.
10:15 to 11 am:  I will be speaking on the use of Medicinal Herbs for everyday use. Contact Wood Memorial Library for more information. Canceled due to COVID-19.

May 5th: Episode 82: Meet Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior researcher at MIT. 

April 2020

April 25th: 10-12 noon: Dreams and Teens. (flyer 2pdf) held at the Willington Public Library, Willington, CT. Please contact the library to register. Canceled due to COVID-19.

April 28st: Episode 81: Meet Michael Judd, author of Edible landscapes with a Permaculture Twist, permaculture landscaper.

April 21st: Essay on Seeds for Earth Day. Originally read at Universalist Unitarian society, LI NY.

April 14th: Episode 80: Meet Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen: Psychiatrist, world-renowned author, speaker, Jungian Analyst, and activist for Women’s Rights.

April 7th: Episode 79: Meet Brother Mark D’Alessio: Holism, St Francis, and Prayer.

Dreams for Teens at Willington Library: Canceled due to COVID-19. I am doing Skype sessions. Please contact me directly at for more information.

March 2020

March 31st: Episode 78: Gail Reynolds returns and talks about worms and composting.

March 28th: 10-12 noon: Dreams for TeensDreams and Teens. flyer 2pdf held at the Willington Public Library, Willington, CT. Please contact the library to register. Teens and Deams meet on the 4th Saturday of the month. Bring a journal. In library meetings canceled during COVID-19 shutdown.

March 24th: Episode 77: Meet Ed Cleaveland: Sound and Vibrational Healing.

March 17th: Episode 76: Meet Lana Nelson: Muscle testing and the Food Code.

March 10th: Episode 75: Meet Gail Reynolds: Plant Scientist: All about Wetlands.

March 3rd: Episode 74: Meet Doug Tallamy, Entomologist from University of Delaware and author Nature’s Best Hope.

February 2020

February 25th: Episode 73: Meet Agneta Borstein, Astrologer. What’s happening in 2020?



August 2019

August 19: Episode 72: Meet Susan Hoffman-Fishman: Art and Climate Change.

July 2019

July 30th: Episode 71: Meet Andre-Phillipe Drapeau-Picard from the Mission Monarch Coordinator for Monarch conservation, Canada.

July 27-28th: Wells Harbor Maine Powwow. Book signing event.

July 23rd: Episode 70: Meet Sara Banta, who returns to talk about EMF’s, 5G technology and how that impacts our health on all levels.

July 2nd, 9th, 16th see website for topics. Taking a break for a couple of weeks.

July 6-7th: Mother Earth Creations Powwow, Osippee NH. Book signing event.

June 2019

June 29-30th: Medicine Bear Powwow, Fremont NH. Book signing event.

June 25th: Episode 69: Meet Heidi Navala, Pets and Herbs

June 19th: 12-1 pm; An Intro to Journey into the land of Dreams, Conning Corporation, Hartford, CT.

June 18th: Episode 68: Meet Jeff Eleveld, the Plant Guy all about Horticultural Therapy

June 11th: Episode 67: Meet Woodrow Nelson, Time for Trees with the Arbor Day Foundation.

June  4th: Episode 66: Meet Sara Banta, Wellness Coach

May 2019

May 28th: Episode 65: Meet Tonya Pasternak, Naturopathic Physician, All about pollens and molds and how an integrative medical approach may work for you.

May 21st: Episode 64: Meet Kathleen Gage, Author-entrepreneur, Plant Based Foods.

May 14th: Episode 63: Meet Chris Salem, Author, Speaker, Host of Sustainable Success show on the Influencers channel on

May 7th: Episode 62: Meet Massiel Abramson, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

April 2019

April 30th: Episode 61: Meet Dr. Gordon Pedersen, Bioelectric Medicine and the Health Benefits of Silver.

April 23rd: Episode 60: Meet Grandmother Nancy Andry and the Algonquin Water Song.

April 18th: 10 – 12 noon Journey into the Land of Dreams: Wild Sage, Chester CT.: For more information and to register: go to my website:

April 16th: Episode 59: Meet Vicki Wojcik, Program Director for Pollinator She talks about the importance of pollinators in our landscapes and the issues they face.

April 11th: 6-8 pm: Journey into the land of Dreams: Wild Sage, Chester CT.  For more information and to register: go to my website: 

April 9th: Episode 58: An interview on “Sustainable Success” show with Christopher Salem, Influencers Channel on

April 4th:  I will be a guest on Voiceamerica show: Sustainable Success with Christopher Salem 12-1 pm live. The link will be available post-show airing. Check my website for the link.

April 2nd: Episode 57: Mark Shepard returns and talks about forest restoration.

March 2019

March 26th: Episode 56: Meet Kimberly Kresevic: REturns to talk about gut health and its relationship to soil health. Founder of INSoil Health.

March 25th: 6-8 pm Tea Talk, The Garden Variety, East Hampton Belltown Garden Club, East Hampton CT. Contact them directly to register.

March 19th: Episode 55: Kelly Rafferty, UCONN PIRG: Zero plastic bags on UConn Campus

March 16th: All day at CMGA Symposium: Author, book signing event. Connecticut  College New London, CT.

March 14th: 12-1 pm Tea Talk, The Garden Variety,  Conning Corporation. Hartford, CT

March 12th: Episode 54: Kyleigh Hillerud: UCONN PIRG, Campaign Coordinator for Zero Waste.

March 5th: Episode 53: Meet Dan Blanchard, Educator, Coach, Author.

February 2019

February 26th: Episode 52: Meet Craig Floyd, Farm Manager Coogan Farm, and the Giving Garden, Mystic, Ct. It’s all about Tomatoes.

February 19th: Episode 51: Meet Gunther Hauk, Founder of Spikenard Farm and Honeybee Sanctuary. All about bees: He shares his wisdom, experience, and concern for our pollinators. His wisdom is invaluable for the time we are in.

February 12th: Episode 50: Meet Kimberly Kresevic, founder of InSoil Health. How invaluable vital healthy soil is for vitalally nutritious food.

February 5th:  Episode 49: Meet Katherine Hauswirth, Author of The Book of Noticing, A naturalist point of view for connecting, a great read for winter.

January 2019

January 29th: Episode 48: Meet Owen Taylor, founder of TrueLove Seeds

January 22nd: Episode 47: Meet Katherine Hauswirth, Author of The Book of Noticing, A naturalist point of view for connecting, a great read for winter.

January 15th: Episode 46: Meet Mark Shepard, founder RAD, Restoration AGricultural Development

January 8th: Episode 45: Meet Joan Palmer, Founder of The Institute of Sustainable Nutrition, TIOSN, Ideas for gardens and spring.

January 1st: Episode 44: Meet Agneta Bonstein, Professional Astrologer, President of the Astrological Society of CT. New Year’s Treat: Agneta gives us a peak at 2019: what does your sun sign have in store for you? Tune in.


December 2018

Podcasts: Great lineup for Holiday season:

December 21st: Episode 43: Meet Craig Standing Bear, Winter Solstice Guest: Stories bind us, heal us, revive us and teach us. To honor storytelling and the winter solstice, Craig tells us one of his favorite, original stories to honor our winter season.

December 18th: Episode 42: Meet Lisa Barrett, a Licensed Practicing Counselor and Registered Art Therapist.

December 11h: Episode 41: Meet Deb Sodergren, Energy Body Vibration Expert/International Speaker/Author and owner of Up Vibrations, LLC.  Enjoy the Holidays, from taking time for self to creating a vision board for the new year.

December 8th: 12-4 pm, Book signing Event at the Storyteller’s Cottage, Simsbury CT.

December 4th: Episode 40: Meet Janet Verney, Women’s Wellness and Recipes ReDesigned.

November 2018

Podcasts: Great lineup for Holiday season:

November 5, 12,19 and December 3rd: 4 Session Class: Journey into the Land of Dreams, 6:30 – 8 pm at Storytellers Cottage, Simsbury Ct. Click on Storyteller’s Cottage to register.

November 27th: Episode 39: Meet Janet Pagan, Ayurvedic nutrition and Wellness Coach.

November 20th: Episode 38: Meet Rachel Sayet, Moghegan Tribe member.

November 13th: Episode 37: Dr. Ashley Burkman, a Naturopathic physician; the Immune System and tips for the holidays.

November 6th: Podcast Episode 36: Meet Scott Gerson, MD and Ayurvedic Physician, and the Immune System. Ayurvedic approaches and tips for the holidays.

October 2018

October 16th: Podcast Episode 35: Meet Nigel Palmer, Bionutrient Food and Soil Consultant and Consultant with The IInstituteof Sustainable Nutrition.

October 13, 14th: 10-5 Book Signing event. Wolf Den Powwow. Pomfret Ct.

October 9th: Podcast Episode 34: Meet Janet Pagan, Ayurveda Nutritionist, Certified Health Coach

October 3rd:  10-12 noon. Tea Talk for Advanced Master Gardener Class, UConn Torrington Extension office, Torrington Ct.

October 2nd: Podcast Episode 33: Meet Lois Grasso, Certified Transformational Breath, EFT Tapping, Author, Maven, and the Magic Buttons.

September 2018

September 29, 30th: Book Signing event. Hammonassett Festival 10 -5 open to the public, at the Guilford Fari Grounds, Guilford Ct.

September 25th: Podcast Episode 32: Meet Gunther Hauk, Biodynamic Farming

September 18th: Podcast Episode 31: Meet Ajamu Ayinde, Certified Hypnotherapist

September 17th: I will be giving a talk, Honoring Native American Heritage: 7 pm UUS:E Manchester Ct

September 11th: Podcast Episode 30: Meet Eaglemoon Raes, Holographic Practitioner.

September 4th: Podcast Episode 29: Meet Jane Seymour, wildlife biologist and steward of Belding Wildlife Management Area, Vernon Ct.

August 2018

August 28th: Podcast Episode 28: Meet Deb Sodergren, Metaphysician, Practitioner.

August 21st: Podcast Episode 27: Meet Kat VanDeusen, plant scientist and phytoremediation expert.

August 19-20th: Book Signing Event at Nimham Intertribal Powwow, Carmel, NY.

August 14th: Podcast Episode 26: Meet Erika Harrison, president of the Biomimicry Institute.Meet Kat Van Deusen, plant scientist, and phytoremediation expert.

August 7th: Podcast Episode 25: Beyond50Radio, Interview with Dan Davis about my book, At the Garden’s Gate,my story, journey.

July 2018

July: Pilot Dreams for Teens class, by invitation. Please contact me for more details.

July 31st: Podcast episode 24: Meet Janet Varney, author, Roots 2 Wellness.

July 24th: Podcast Episode 23: Meet Carole Cheah, research entomologist for Uconn Agricultural Extension Service. Eastern Hemlock and Wooly Adelgid.

July 21-22nd: Book Signing Event at Intertribal Powwow, Wells Maine.

July 17th: 6:30-8 pm: Avon Free Public Library: Non-Fiction Author Panel.
The theme for this year’s festival is Inspiration. Our authors will share what inspires them to write, what inspires their characters to act, and anything and everything else related to the theme of discovering and cultivating inspiration. The Avon Library’s Local Author Festival is held each summer from June-August. Writers from New England and the tri-state area visit to share their work, inspiration, and ideas with our audience. The festival will celebrate its fifth year in 2018!”

July 17: 12-1 pm EST: Live Radio Interview: At the Garden’s Gate, book and journey on  Beyond 50 Radio. The broadcast will be submitted to youtube.

July 17th: Podcast Episode 22: Meet Rachel Sayet, tribal member Mohegan Sun, Chef, Anthropologist.

July 10th: Podcast Episode 21: Meet Anne Symens-Bucher, initiatory member of Canticle Farm, based in East Oakland, CA.

June 2018

June 26th: Podcast Episode 20: Meet Pam Montgomery, a founding member of United Plant Savers and Organization of Nature Evolutionaries, O.N.E.

June 30th and July 1st: Book Signing Event at Medicine Bear Powwow, Fremont NH.

June 19th: Podcast Episode 19: Ellen Moyer, Ph.D. returns to discuss the socio-economic implications of sustainability or not.

June 12th: Podcast Episode 18: Meet Agneta Borstein, Professional Astrologer, Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner.

June 5th: Podcast Episode 17: Meet Dr. Leesa Sklover, certified therapist, music therapist, musician, and composer. Her recording, Ode to the Arctic Angels is included at end of the podcast, a beautiful gift. Enjoy.

May 2018

May 31st: 7 pm:  Storyteller’s Cottage, Simsbury, CT: a literary event featuring my book: At the Garden’s Gate. “Hear talented local authors read from their works in our cozy Steampunk Library or charming Jane Austen Salon, then speak with them afterward about their works and writing process.”

May 29th: Podcast Episode 16: Meet Brian Stafford, M.D. Soul and nature guide with Animas Valley Institute and Wilderness is Medicine programs.

May 22nd: Podcast, Episode 15: Joshua’s Land Trust. with Paul Pribula and Julia Rogers.

May 15th: Podcast, Episode 14: Celebrating Meditation Garden Day, with Jen Frey, Healer, Mentor, Earth Advocate and Voice of the Plants, herbalist. Music from Plants included at end of this podcast. Simply beautiful.

May 13th: 9-3: BookClub Book Store: Book Signing Event

May 8th: 7-12 am: Book signing Event: Osborn Correctional Facility, Somers Ct Honoring Corrections Officers Appreciation Week 

May 8th: Podcast, Episode 13: Rebecca Wildbear: Nature-based river and soul guide working with Animas Valley Institute.

May 6th: 11 am: Holistic Nature of Uspresentation about the concepts behind my podcast series for the American Astrological Society, Old Wethersfield, CT

May 1st: Podcast, Episode 12: Celebrating Arbor Day with Dana Karcher, Program Manager for the Alliance for Community Trees, an Arbor Day Foundation Project.

April 2018

April 24th: Podcast, Episode 11: Celebrating Earth Day with Doug Tallamy, Entomologist, Wildlife Ecologist, author of Bringing Nature Home.

April 17th: Podcast, Episode 10: Manuel Lizarralde, Ethnobotanist, Associate Professor Ethnobotany at Connecticut College. Ethnobotany.

April 10th: Podcast, Episode 9: Kris McCue, Hartford Chapter Leader for Bionuttrient food Association. Soil Health.

April 5th: 12-1 pm. Tea Talk: the Garden Variety Wilbraham Garden Club: Wilbraham MA

April 3rd: Podcast, Episode 8: Andrea and Matthias Reisen: Healing Spirits Herb Farm, owners, educator, growers medicinal herbs.

March 2018

15 Week Podcast Series and Interviews: All posted, one per week on the podcast page. Check it out!

March 28th: 6-8 pm: Featured speaker at Ring in Spring event at Connecticut Valley Brewing Company, 765 Sullivan Ave, South Windsor, CT Learn about the world of gardening from David Starr and author Judith Dreyer and meet The Bookclub Bookstore and More owner Cynde Acanto at this free event! Starr will discuss the Down to Earth Garden Club of South Windsor. Dreyer will talk about and sign her book, At the Gardens Gate. Acanto will speak on and sell the April 25th BOOK CLUB pick, The Language of Flowers. 

March 27th: Podcast, Episode 7: Linda Wiggen Kraft: Artist Landscape Designer: Gardens for the Soul

March 20th: Podcast, Episode 6: Susan Leopold, Executive Director, United Plant Savers.

March 15, 2018: 12-1 pm: Sustainable Landscaping Conning Corp, Pearl St Hartford Ct

March 13th: Podcast, Episode 5: Lynne Hartwell, Holistic Practitioner, Medical Intuitive.

March 8th: 5-8 pm: International Women’s Day Event at Connecticut Valley Brewing Company 765 Sullivan Ave South Windsor, CT. We will have women-owned businesses promote their pop-up shops, a scavenger hunt, raffles and food truck! Book Signing.

March 6th: Podcast, Episode 4: Robert Radin, Scientist, Physicist, author Ecospasm.

February 2018

February 27th: Podcast, Episode 3: Gail Reynolds, Plant Scientist, Botanist, Middlesex County Master Gardener Coordinator.

February 26th: WHUS: Radio Interview: 8-10 am: At the Garden’s Gate: Host Eaglemoon Raes interviews Judith Dreyer about her book: At the Garden’s Gate.

February 20th: Podcast, Episode 2: Ellen Moyers, author, Our Earth, Our species, Our Selves and green architect.

February 14th: 10 -10:30 am: Radio Interview with Dave Tresselt: Garden Groove Show. Catch it live or recorded on iCRV radio, Deep River CT serving the CT River Valley. Posted on my podcast page and in iCRV radio’s archive files.

February 7th: Podcast, Episode 1: Introduction to the podcast series: Holistic Nature of Us

February 7th: 4-4:30 Pm Time for Healing, Simsbury CT community Cable Show. Marion Porter, host, interviews Judith Dreyer About Dreams. Posted on youtube and my podcast page.

January 2018

January 8, 2018: 7-8 pm: Sustainable Landscaping: How to decrease lawn, create edible landscapes, conserving water, soil and increasing biodiversity. Manchester Garden Club meeting held at Center Congregational Church, Center St  Manchester, CT

October 2017

October 14 – 15th: 10 -5 pm Wolf Den Pow Wow Pomfret CT. Book signing event. Open to the Public. Traditional powwow.

September 2017

September 30/ October 1st: 10 -5 Saturday and Sunday; Hammonassett Festival at the Guilford Fair Grounds, Guilford Ct. Book signing event. Open to the public…many great events, vendors, cultural shows.

September 23 – 24: 10-5 Saturday and Sunday. Spirit of the Horse Pow Wow at the Farmington Polo Grounds in Farmington CT Book signing event. Open to the public.

September 20th: 11-1 pm Tea Talk: The Garden Variety: Middlesex Office of UConn County Extension Services, 1066 Saybrook Rd Haddam, CT Class is open to the public: call 860-345-4511 for more information.

 August 2017

August 19-20th: Book Signing Event: Daniel Nimham Pow Wow, Putnam Memorial State Park, Carmel , NY

July 2017

July 24th: 7-8 pm: Online Dream Class begins. Every other Monday for 4 sessions. for more information please visit:

July 28-30th: 9th Annual Bookstock Literary Festival in Woodstock, VT. Large author event throughout weekend in Woodstock town center. My book, At the Garden’s Gate, will be for sale in author tent. All events are free and open to the public, except Saturday night’s concert.

July 15 – 16th: Book singing event at Inter tribal Pow Wow, Wells harbor, Wells Maine. Pow Wow open to public 10-5 both days. Look for my booth!

June 2017

June 23- 25th:  2 day event open to public held on lovely farm in rural NH: Medicine Bear Powwow 154 Martin Rd Freemont NH Meet the author and book signing event.

June 16th: 9 – 10 am live! Dreaming with our Muse: Voice America Live! at 9 am est and 6 am pst. Hosted by Soul Sessions with Solstice, hosts Delanea Davis and Rita MacRae. Listeners can call in towards end of program. Listen live or interview will be recorded for future listening.

June 9 – 11th: International Herb Symposium, Wheaton College, Norton MA, 3 day event.

May 2017

May 19th: 7-8 pm: Tea Talk:  The Garden Variety, held at Universalist Unitarian Society: East, 153 West Vernon St , Manchester, CT 06040.

May 18th: 6: 30 – 8:30 pm “Elementals” held at Spiritual Community Connection, Center St congregational Church, Center St  Manchester Ct

April 2017

April 25th: 12- 1; The Role of Herbal Medicine in our Health Care; Gold Building, Constitution Plaza, Hartford, CT

April 22nd 11:30-1:30     CREATING OUR NEW STORY, Ravenwood, 199 West Center St  Manchester, CT
Let’s get in touch with our “original” dreams…. how? By becoming more and more sensitive to our soul’s call. Through meditative exercises we’ll explore the head and the heart of things. And learn a dream sharing technique to bring dreams of the night, our imaginations and our hearts into everyday world.

We will have an opening and closing circle.

April 19th: 6:30 – 8:30 pm: Exploring the World of Herbal Teas: Master Gardener Program, TAC Building Vernon, CT.

March 2017

March 25th and 26th: 10 – 4 pm: Book Signing and Vendor: Greater Vernon Holistic Healthfest; Vernon Center Middle School, Vernon CT.

March 9th: 7-8 pm Guest speaker for Horticulture Club of Newtown, CT. Contact club for more details.

February 2017

February 22nd:  12 – 1 pm Guest Speaker for Wellness Event: Tea Talk at the Gold Building Constitution Plaza, Hartford, CT

February 17th: 6:30-8:30 pm Book Promotion event at a new holistic center. Sharing the Light Wholistic Center  395 West Main St, Avon CT. Owner is inviting CT authors, meet the practitioners. Free to public. Call 860-620-7709 for more informatiion.

February 5th: 10 – 4 pm: Astrological Society of Connecticut Fair; Keeney Center, 200 Main Street, Wethersfield, CT. Book Singing Event.

January 16, 23, 30 and February 6 and 23, 2017: Dreaming with the Muse: Monday evenings 7-9 pm; Solstice Strategy Partners, LLC, 129 tolland Stage Rd, Tolland CT 06084. Please contact me through my website if interested. Check:

2016 Lecture Schedule and Book Signing Events

November 2016

November 20th: 12 noon: Nature Needs Us and We Need Nature: discussion and book signing Astrological Society of Connecticut: Keeney Memorial Center, 200 Main Street, Wethersfield, CT

November 5th: University of New Hampshire Native American Cultural Association Pow Wow; Saturday 10 -5 pm; book signing. Durham, NH

October 2016

October 24th: Cape Cod Master Gardener: Herbal Medicine 9-1 pm Contact: Harwich MA.

October 18th: 7-8 pm: Sustainable Landscaping; East Windsor Garden Club; Park Hill Housing Authority; Windsorville CT

October 15th and 16th: Books and Salves available at: Wolf Den Pow Wow: Wolf Den Drive, Pomfret CT; 2 day event. 

October 12th: 6:30-8:30 pm: Wild Edibles at Tolland County Extension Center, TAC building, Vernon Ct. this is sponsored by the UConn Master Gardener Program and open to the public.

October 1st and 2nd: 10- 5 pm Book Signing, Book and Salves available: Hammonassett Festival 2016: Guilford Fairgrounds 111 Lovers Lane Guilford, CT  A two day festival that celebrates Nature and Native American Heritage

September 2016

September 15th: Ct Authors Trail Program Finale: Mohegan Sun: 6:15 – 9 pm Cabaret Theater.

5 Fridays: September 9th through October 7th: Dreaming with the Muse: Osher Lifelong Learning Institute or OLLI, UConn at Waterbury, 99 East Main St Waterbury, CT 06702: 5 week class, Fridays: 10: 45- 12:15 pm Begins:

5 Fridays: September 9th through October 7th: 10:15 – 11:45 am:  To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow:  Osher Lifelong Learning Institute or OLLI, UConn at Waterbury, 99 East Main St Waterbury, CT 06702

August 2016

Thursday: August 18th: 6:30-7:30 pm Meet the Author and Book Signing at Tolland Library 21 Tolland Green, Tolland CT as part of  CT Author’s Trail program..

August 6,7th: Black Eagle Inter tribal Pow Wow, North Conway NH: Book Signing Event.

July 2016

July 27th: 10 -10:30 am: Radio Guest for Garden Chat talk radio show at: Show Host: Gail Reynolds, Middlesex County Master Gardener Coordinator.

Saturday: July 9th: 10 -1 pm  ABC’s Herbal Medicine and Book Signing:  South Windsor Farmer’s Market 150 Nevers Rd South Windsor

June 2016

Saturday: June 25, 26th: Medicine Bear Pow Wow: Fremont NH 10-5 both days. Book Signing Event.

May 2016

Thursday: May 26th: 6:30-8 pm: Benefits of Herbal Medicine: SWFA held at the South Windsor Library, 1550 Sullivan Ave, South Windsor, CT 06074 Call: 860- 644-1541.

Tuesday: May 3rd: 6:30-8 pm Tea: The Garden Variety: Looking at a Garden’s Diverse Bounty: Glastonbury Public Library, 2407 Main St, Glastonbury, CT 06033. Presentation and Book signing. Call: 860-652-7719 to register.

Sunday: May 1st: 12-5 pm: Poetry Reading at Mill Works at 156 River Rd, Willington CT. Students and adults will participate in a creative arts day featuring poetry from local talent. tel:518-791-9474 or email:

April 2016

Saturday: April 30th, 9-4:30 pm: ABC’s Herbal Medicine: Journeys, School for the Soul,. 55 Poquonock Ave Poqounock, Ct Call: 860-580-9736 to register.

Saturday and Sunday: April 23, 24th, 10-5 pmWisdom & Wellness Spring 2016 Expo : Hilton Garden Inn, 555 Corporate Drive Windsor, CT. I will have a booth both days, come say hello, share your thoughts, book signing and enjoy this great event.

April 20th: 10 am Garden Chat with Gail Reynolds, Master Gardener Coordinator for Middlesex County Ct. Replays at 3 and 9 pm.

Saturday: April 17th: 10-5 pm: Soul Light Expo: East River Road East Hartford, Ct.

Wednesday: April 13th 7-9 pm: Healing In and With Nature: Journeys, School for the Soul: 55 Poqounock Ave, Windsor, Ct 06095. Call: 860-580-9736 to register.

5 Fridays: April 10:45- 12:15 pm: To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow:  Osher Lifelong Learning Institute or OLLI, UConn at Waterbury, 99 East Main St Waterbury, CT 06702: begins April 1 through April 30th.

March 2016

Wednesday: March 23rd, 7:30-8:30 pm: Turning Lawns into Meadow: Enfield Garden Club: Meetings held at: St Joseph’s Residence, 1365 Enfield St Enfield, Connecticut 06082

Saturday: March 19th:8-4 pm: Master Gardener Symposium: Gardening Gone Native: Connecticut College Crozier-Williams Building 270 Mohegan Ave New London, CT. Contact CMGA to register and for more information.

Monday: March 14th, 7-8:45 pm: Dreaming with the Muse: Spirit Matters: Ravenwood Center, 199 West Center Street Manchester, CT 06040-4858

Saturday: March 12th, 10:30 – 12 noon: At the Garden’s Gate: talk and book signing at  Book Club: 100 Main St Broad Brook CT

Thursday: March 10th, 6:30-8 pm: Garden Path Garden Club: guest speaker, Holistic Nature of Gardens, Tolland Ct; please contact me directly if you are interested in attending.

February 2016

5 Fridays: February, 10: 45- 12:15 pm: Dreaming with the Muse: Osher Lifelong Learning Institute or OLLI, UConn at Waterbury, 99 East Main St Waterbury, CT 06702: 5 week class, Fridays: 10: 45- 12:15 pm Begins: February 19th through March 18th.

Saturday: February 13th, 10-2pm: Meet the Author and Book Signing Event for Valentine’s Day: Book Club, 100 Main St Broad Brook, CT

Sunday: February 7th, 12 noon: Featured Speaker at Winter Wellness Expo 10-5 pm, Holiday Inn 1 Bright Meadow Blvd, Enfield, CT: go to 12 Noon: Featured Speaker: At the Garden’s Gate. I will have a booth and be there from 10-5 pm

Saturday:  February 6th, 12-4: WFC 169 Colony St Meriden, Ct:  Valentine’s Book Event that also supports the Women’s Family Center.

Thursday: January 21st, 7-8:30 pm: Alliance for Holistic Living: Part of panel discussions on Holistic Living. Vibrational Center, Tolland St Manchester, CT.

2015 Lecture Schedule and Book Signing Event

December 2015

Practical Talk with Usha Kumar, Cable Channel 23:

  1. At the Garden’s Gate aired: November,
  2. Our Holistic Nature: now on
  3. Dreams: aired: December

Sunday: December 13: 11-1 pm: Book Signing at the Book Club, Broad Brook CT.

Sunday: December 13: 6:30-7:30 pm Featured guest on “The Work and Playlist” Radio Show at WESU, 88.1 FM: The Holistic Nature of Us

Saturday: December 12: 10 – 4 pm Hebron Craft Fair: Book Signing Event: Hebron CT.

November 2015

Books are great Christmas Gifts!

Tuesday: November 17th: 7-8:45 pm Dreaming with the Muse at Spirit Matters, West Center St Manchester, CT  registered with me at Class went really well in October. Spirit Matters invited to offer this class again.

Monday: November 16th: 7-9 pm Featured Speaker at the Guild: Healing In and With Nature: held at Center for Progressive Therapies, Hartford Rd, Manchester, CT: open to the public

Sunday: November 15: 12 noon Featured speaker at the  CT Astrological society New Age Fair: Partnering with Nature: A Holistic Venture

Saturday: November 15: 10-6 Greenwich Psychic and Craft Fair: Greenwich Hyatt, Greenwich CT. 12 pm Featured Speaker Bringing Nature into our lives.

Saturday: November 7th: 9:30-12 Featured speaker for CMGA annual business meeting; Tolland County Extension Center, Vernon ~ 24 Hyde Avenue Route 30 Vernon, CT 06066 “Lawn into Meadow”

Sunday: November 1st: 11-2: The Book Club, celebrating  National Authors Day Event; book signing event.

October 2015

Tuesday: October 27th: 7:15-8:45 pm Partnering with Nature: Spirit Matters, Manchester, CT

Tuesday: October 13th: 7:15 – 8:45 pm: Dreaming with the Muse at Spirit Matters in Manchester, CT : an introductory class on the healing power of dreams

Sunday: October 11th: 10-5 pm Soul Light Expo: Cromwell Hilton Hotel, Cromwell, CT

Thursday: October 8th: Manchester Health Fair: Crestfield Center 565 Vernon St, Manchester, CT

Monday: October 5th 6-8 pm Lawn into Meadow: Tolland County AG Station, 24 Hyde Rd., Vernon, CT 06066‐4599

Saturday: October 3rd: 10-2:30 PM Willington Library: Wellness Fair Event: Willington, Ct

September 2015

Wednesday: September 23rd 6-8 pm ABC’s Herbal Medicine and Home Medicine Supplies Part 2: Oneida Holistic Health Center, Marlborough , CT.

Wednesday: September 9th: 6-8 pm ABC’s Herbal Medicine and Home Medicine Supplies Part 1: Oneida Holistic Health Center, Marlborough , CT.

Saturday: September 12th: 10-1 pm  Presenter at Pillwillop Therapeutic Farm, Wolcott, CT: Healing in and with  Nature. (click on farm link for more details.)

August 2015

Saturday: August 22nd: Tolland Farmers Market, 9-12 pm Tolland Green, Tolland, CT. Meet the Author and Book Signing.

Saturday: August: 15th: South Windsor Farmer’s Market: 10-1 pm: Master Gardener Booth and Book Signing.

Saturday : August 8th 10-4 and Sunday August 9th 11-5: Cannondale Craft Fair, Wilton, CT  APPS Booth: Meet CT Authors and Book Signing.

Saturday: August 1st 10-4: Madison Craft Fair, Madison CT on the village Green. Meet CT Authors and Book Signing.

July 2015

Sunday: July 19th: New England Market: 11-7; Rentschler Field East Hartford, Ct; APSS booth: Meet CT Authors and Book Signing.

Saturday, July 18th: 10-1 pm: South Windsor Farmer’s Market: Master Gardener and book signing .

Sunday: July 12th: 12:30-3 pm: Meet the Author and Book signing Event: Willimantic Food Coop, Willimantic, CT.

Saturday: July 11th: 9-12 noon: Meet the Author and Book Signing Event: Red and White, on the Tolland Green, Tolland , CT.

Saturday: June 27th: Tolland Youth Garden: Historic Tolland 300th Anniversary Event; Designed a circle At risk Teaching Garden: Meet the Author and Book signing Event;

Saturday: June 20th 9-12: Red and White on the Tolland Green, Tolland, Ct Meet the author/book signing Event

Saturday: June 13th, 10- 2 pm: Oneida Holistic Health Foundation: Meet the Author/Book Signing Event

Saturday: June 6th, 10-5 pm: Celebrate Bloomfield Author’s Fair: Meet the Author/Book Signing Event

Saturday: May 30th, 10-5 pm: : Pillwillop Therapeutic Farm: Wellness Day Fair: Meet the Author/Book signing Event
Saturday May 16th 9-1: Master Garden Plant Sale: Tolland Ag Center:  Book Signing (a portion of the proceeds with be donated to Master Gardener Program, Tolland Ct)

Thursday: May 21st, 6-7:30 pm: Presentation: Partnering with Nature: Willington Public Library

Sunday: April 26, 12-5; Cherry Blossom Festival, Wooster Square, New Haven, CT

Saturday/Sunday: April 18,19 10-5: Made in CT Expo at Durham Fair Grounds; Durham CT

Willimantic Food Coop: Books for Sale: Willimantic Ct

Writer’s Group Facilitator: Tolland Public Library: Third Tuesday of month: 6-8 pm

Meet the Author and Book Signing: February 21, 2015: : at Nature’s Grocer Tolland, Ct from 11-2 pm

2014 Lecture Schedule

December 16, 2014: 7-8:30 pm  Nesconset (Smithtown)  Library, Nesconset, NY Tea Talk the Garden Variety: Tea and scones set the stage for a discussion on the importance and benefit of herbal teas. Three tea blends will be tasted and the health benefits of individual ingredients will be highlighted.

November 10, 2014: 12:30 – 2:30 pm Port Jefferson, NY Library: Tea Talk: the Garden Variety: Tea and scones set the stage for a discussion on the importance and benefit of herbal teas. Three tea blends will be tasted and the health benefits of individual ingredients will be highlighted.

October 2, 2014:  7-8:30 pm Port Jefferson, NY Library: Sustainable Landscapes: stressed role of biodiversity, loss of landscapes and importance of sustainable water and soil practices.

June 2014: Sustainable Landscape: series of workshops for teachers at Connequot High School in Bohemia, NY to refocus wildlife habitat that needed cleaning up; principles on use of landscape, soil, water and micro-climates stressed as well as suggestions for teacher/student activities.

2013: Lecture Schedule

May 21, 2013: Lord Fairfax Community College: Warrenton Campus: Nutrition and Diet Therapy; Tuesdays and Thursdays 1-3:30 pm; class ends June 20, 2013. Warrenton, VA.

May 20, 2013: Prince William Wildflower Society: Lawn into Meadow; Monday evening 7-8 pm. Manassas, VA.

 April 3, 2013: Western Connecticut State University: HPX 292: Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Nutritional Self- Care.; four Wednesday evenings 5-9 pm.

February 16, 2013: Creating Our New Story: comprehensive one day workshop including meditation. Leesburg, VA. contact me at for more details.

January 10, 2013: 11-12 noon: Centennial Garden Club: Lawn into meadow featuring common plants and common uses; Woodbridge, VA.

2012: Lecture Schedule

November 14, 2012 11-12 noon: Cedar Run Garden Club: ; Warrenton visitors Center, Warrenton, VA.
Topic: Tea: the Garden Variety: four tea blends were tasted; specific herbs in each tea were discussed highlighting the nutritional and /or medicinal benefits of each.

August 11, 2012: The Good , the Bad , the Tasty: a weed walk  at the Teaching Garden at the Benedictine Monastery in Bristow, Va; Open the the public: Saturday in the Garden. 9-10am

April/May 2012:  Dreaming with the Muse
       4/25, 5/2, 5/16. 5/23/2012;   6-8 pm
      Windmore Foundation for the Arts, Culpeper VA
      contact: or 540-547-4333 

Radio Interview

 February 26, 2012: with Jakki Price of
Radio: WWKB AM 1520

Adjunct Lecturer:

1. Western Ct State University, Danbury Ct:
Spring 2012: Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Nutritional Self Care
Body Therapies and Meditation

Summer 2012 :  Body therapies and Meditation

Fall 2012: Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Nutritional Self Care

and Cross Cultural Health and Healing

2011: Lecture Schedule

Fall 2011: Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Nutritional Self Care
Summer 2011: Body Therapies and Meditation
Spring 2011: Body Therapies and Meditation
Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Nutritional Self Care
Fall 2010: Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Nutritional Self Care
Cross Cultural Health and Healing
Summer 2010: Body Therapies and Meditation
Spring 2010: Body Therapies and Meditation
Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Nutritional Self Care

2. Montgomery College, Rockville, MD:

Winter Intercession 2011: Introduction to Nutrition


1. Wild Edibles and Medicinal Plants: one woman’s journey in changing a suburban back yard into a meadow land.

June 2, 2012: Wild Edibles at Private Homestead in Warrenton VA. Identified 10-15 edible plants on private property and explained the health benefits to a church group interested in living off the land. This year we will be harvesting wild edibles for a salad.
March 13, 2012: National Active and Retired Federal Employees (NARFE): association meeting 11:30-12:30pm.
June 10, 2011:  Fauquier County Master Gardener’s Association Meeting

 June 4, 2011: Wild Edibles at Private Homestead in Warrenton VA. Identified 10-15 edible plants on private property and explained the health benefits to a church group interested in living off the land.
June 28 2011: Upperville Garden Club: guest speaker at annual meeting spoke on edible weeds int he garden.

2010: Lecture Schedule
September 29, 2010: Prince William County Master Gardener’s Meeting
June 3, 2010:  Loudoun County Master Gardener’s Association

2. Overwintering Culinary Herbs:

October 20, 2011: Orange County Master Gardeners Meeting, Orange Va.

Earth Day: Precious Water, Symbol of Life


My podcast guest this week, Grandmother Nancy Andry, shared her story, her wisdom and spoke about women as caretakers of the water. She is one of the singers, sharers, and promoters of the Algonquin Water Song. This incredible gift, the Algonquin Water Song is for us. Please listen to the recording and sing the song every day. We have misused our water, shown great disrespect for water as evidenced by the level of pollution that exists on our planet.
In the past 12 years, drinking water used by 49 million residents of the United States has been contaminated with bacteria, radioactive materials, and arsenic in levels that are both illegal and incredibly unsafe. 

Water, a powerful symbol in every culture, is our lifeblood. Water is connected to healing, cleansing, and renewal. I ask that you remember to give thanks for every drop of water you drink, bath in, wash in not just during Earth Day Celebrations but every day. Today I am adding the River Song sung by Brooke Medicine Eagle, and, a song for and with the creatures of the Oceans by Dr. Leesa Sklover, also a podcast guest.

Water is crucial to our existence on this planet. Please share these beautiful songs and sing the water song every day. Did you enjoy these songs? I hope so. We’d like to hear from you. Enjoy. Judith


Blog: Ocean Sound Pollution Affecting Our Friends


The ocean world is dependent on sound more so than vision. Sound travels differently in a watery medium. It moves faster and can travel longer. Water can bend sound waves too, diverting a straight line into a zigzag type of path. What is our noise, from boats, oil rigs, deep water testing, and sonar, doing to our friends who live in the sea?

A lot.

My guest this week, Dr. Leesa Sklover, ocean activist, musician, and composer, says that whales, dolphins, shrimp, turtles, and zooplankton cannot escape harm from these practices. It’s disorienting, and if a whale cannot hear it’s basically dead. Disorientation causes stress chemicals and hormones to increase which has the potential to enter our food supply. She inspired me through her writing, her songs and passion to share with you the seriously detrimental effects noise pollution has on our ocean friends.

“The speed of sound in pure water is 1,498 meters per second, compared to 343 meters per second in air at room temperature and pressure.” Sound travels faster in the ocean because there are more molecules — specifically salt molecules — for waves to interact with, as well as higher surface temperatures.”(Sciencing)

Noise pollution has increased dramatically over the years. Increased shipping, advanced military sonic testing technologies, commercial boats, huge liners all contribute to noise pollution. Echolocation, finding prey becomes harder. Populations are diminishing, not only whales, dolphins, and other sea life but food for the larger species is scarce too. Factor in the inability to hear the click of a salmon due to noise pollution and we are finding whales who are malnourished and some cannot bring a fetus to full term

Legislation is against them too. The Cetacean Society states:

ACTION NEEDED: The newly released Presidential FY 2019 budget has taken direct aim at programs that are critical for the conservation of whales and dolphins. The Marine Mammal Commission (MMC), an independent government agency that provides science-based reviews of U.S. ocean policies that impact marine mammals and their environment, has been targeted for elimination. The cost of the MMC’s work to the US taxpayer? One penny per person per year.

The budget also looks to cut overall funding to the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) by 14 percent. Even worse, the NMFS enforcement budget would be slashed by 25 percent putting cetaceans at risk from a variety of illegal activities. There are also serious cuts proposed to critical research on protected species, and habitat conservation and restoration.

If holism means the whole is only as strong as its parts, what’s happening in the oceans affects us. Ocean species are suffering and what are we doing to protect them? Do we have some responsibility to them as part of this world? Are we at a tipping point and seduced in thinking all is okay?

My Native elders would point to nature over and over again as precious, invaluable to life, and in a sense, nature’s operating system mirrors ours. If one part is dying, are we dying? In Earth Calling, by Ellen Gunter and Ted Carter, we are poked and prodded with facts to look around and feel something for the destruction going on and take action. Many of us enjoy these creatures from the sea. But are we doing enough to protect them from harm?

Enjoy Dr. Sklover’s song: See Me As I Am:  

What are you doing? I enjoy hearing your comments/your stories. Please share. Thanks.