Winter ends this coming week. Spring begins. The wheel of life follows this rhythm of nature. The Equinox is upon us, equal day and equal night, once again.  For me the equinox heralds a new year.  Tension builds as winter wanes. Breezes capture a southerly warmth. Birds give birth and share their morning melodies a tribute to a new day. We start our gardens taking out the first tender shoots  placing them gently in the ground.

What have been the gifts of your winter? I like to look back and reflect on the inner growth, the quiet times I experienced when nature goes dormant. We’ve had a mild winter at least most of us here on the east coast have and for that I am grateful. Spring in all her beauty descends upon our land. What gifts will she bring? I offer my prayers for both seasons. With a pinch of tobacco or cornmeal I offer thanks for the blessings of winter past, and a pinch for spring’s gifts to come. I offer prayers for all of you too, that your hopes and your best dreams for spring come true. Happy Spring! Judith

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