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Hummingbird: I had the opportunity to watch ruby- throat ed hummingbirds when visiting a friend of mine a couple of summers ago. Hummingbird feeders attracted at least 6 pair and they were a delight to watch. Fearless and aggressive they would feed here and then visit the flowers nearby zooming almost not caring if one was in the way. Hummingbirds do stop for a moment or two and would often perch on the rhododendron bushes below the windows while eyeing the red sweet liquid above. When early fall came they packed up their bags and headed south. I have read reports that  they travel great distances up to 2500 miles to their winter destinations.

Symbolically the hummingbird has many characteristics and traits.

The wings beat in a figure 8 type pattern, which is a symbol for infinity.  They are skillful fliers able to fly forwards, backwards, sideways and hover with amazing control. I have also read that they never walk. They have long tongues and beaks to extract nectar from flowers and help in the pollination of flowers.

The females give birth to 2 eggs and that number is significant. It is said to be  the number of the feminine a reminder to give a voice to the feminine within. Hummingbirds to me represent joy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, joy is the emotion of the heart, Joy is  an emotion that when out of balance can be manic or depressed.

Charming acrobats, endurance athletes, tiny colorful fliers that enchant us. Which of their many charms has flown into your dreams today?

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