Dreams have been a passion of mine it seems like forever. I remember dreams from an early age and became serious in my quest to find answers. Yet ironically the answers were there right along in the dream, the people, the places, the structures when seen symbolically contained the very answers I was seeking. How so you may ask? “They frighten me or they are so confusing they make no sense or better yet it’s the stuff of fools so ignore them.” My journey through the territory of my dreams has been fascinating, enlightening, frustrating and awesome.  Dreams are messages to us from us or our soul if you prefer. It is said that our hearts process far more than our mental mind during the waking state. It’s the night that can unlock the energy, the messages, and the assessments of our days.

Since bees are the focus of my blog this month how can bees in our dreams be revealing? What do bees mean to you? Have you ever had dreams with bees in them? If so what feeling did you have when awakened? Were they in the background or major player? I will suggest that you write down a dream with bees if you have one and on the next post we’ll go further into understanding the role a bee could play.  Then look up the type of bee you dreamed of… was it a honeybee or a wasp? Discover how it lives, works, procreates. Is it social or solitary?

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