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I invite you to take a walk with me in the garden today…


I have a few questions for you and I as we wander through. Can we sit a bit and simply be …here?  I ask?

Is it possible for us in this day and age to step away from the scientific long enough and simply sit in our garden?

Can we let the essence of nature seep into our hearts and even our bones again?

Not that long ago plants and their flowers held a magic and mystery for us. In the right hands, plants offered relief and healing… and something more…

We are connected to the value and the beauty of this world beneath our feet. Doug Tallamy reminds us:  ” Biodiversity sustains our environment. We don’t have to like wildlife but we need them.” He goes on to say that we are 2 generations divorced from nature. And that we are in an extinction crisis  as we have removed 50% of all plants on the planet. We need to put back our most productive and diverse plants. For example an oak tree, Quercus, sp, can support 500+ species. A tulip tree on 20+. Also 4,252 species are on the brink of extinction. These species are a non renewable resource.

So the question is what are we replanting our land  with? Can we reclaim our connection to the very nature we’ve tossed aside in the rush for having ” the perfect lawn, the prettiest yard with non native trees.”  Many of our exotic plants cannot feed the species that live here.

What is the value of nature around us to us and our families?   

I invite you to stop a minute, go outside and take a walk in your yard or garden and simply sit. What do you ask of nature? Is it gimme ( vegetables, fruits, flowers)?which is wonderful but how would you describe your relationship to that land?  What do we receive beyond the obvious gifts? Can you rethink a yard space and plant a higher diverse species? Send me your thoughts I would love to hear them.

The Summer Solstice is upon us.

So many wonderful, beautiful opportunities are here before us in this crisis. Which path will you take today? It is a time to be grateful for the  spring and her beauty and grace. Summer brings more blossoms and more bounty. I invite you to stop a moment or two. What in nature touches you? What is nature moves you? How can you deepen your relationship and  respect for the intelligence in nature? If you are concerned about the sterilization of our land and the peril many species face then I ask you what one “sustainable” action can you take today  for your land?

Giving thanks for all of you and all that you are. Judith

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