Rosa sp: Family: Rosacaea,

Rosa gallica: dark red, fragrant blossoms; few if any pure Rosa gallica exists. It is the hybrids with dark red petals that are chosen for confection, rose water, tea, and rose petal sandwiches. Flower buds are collected but not those in full bloom. Gather in dry weather, cut the white base off and place petals on a cookie sheet, place in a dry spot (not in the sun) and let dry till petals are crisp. Then store in a glass jar. These can be added to potpourri’s as well as teas.

Dark Red Petals: Properties: the dark red petals contain Quercetin, a bioflavonoid known to help reduce the inflammation associated with seasonal allergies. It is also astringent. Astringency in any herb usually suggests an aide for diarrhea, dysentery. The petals in a rose water infusion were known to help with coughs. petals can be candies and even made into sandwiches. Do you have a favorite rose recipe?

Caution: remember to use only roses for consumption that have NOT been sprayed.


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