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“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.”

Emma Goldman

Poets and playwrights, gardeners and lovers have found the rose to be a perfect symbol of love’s perfection.  Many of the cultivated roses we prize and fuss over are hybrids. The Rosa gallica that probably originated in the Middle East has been cultivated for its fragrance, the attar of Rose, a very highly prized and expensive fragrance used in perfumery, teas and cooking.  It is said that the rose heals the heart. It is its fragrant smell that can create a feeling of happiness. Truly, the rose has become a flower that  enthralls most of us each day in spite of its thorns.

The Herb Society of America has declared the Rose as the herb of the year. I thought it fitting that this month’s blog be devoted to the rose. Mother’s Day is next week. Roses are given, roses are planted and roses are tended as they begin to bloom this month. What is your favorite rose? Mine is the one pictured above. While the photo contained an unidentified species I chose it because this soft pink is one of my favorite.

Enjoy a walk in your garden today. Gives thanks for the beautiful rose.




Sharing is caring!