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Summertime is around the corner which means gardening is in full swing. We want to be exposed to some sun rays but not to the extent of getting burned.

Rosewater 4OZ Liquid

Rosewater is an excellent product to keep in our medicine chests for exposures to the sun longer than we intended. I get immersed in a gardening chore and can forget to cover up or take a break. Rosewater used a s a body splash revives tired skin and tired eyes. For tired eyes simply spray some on a clean gauze and place on closed eyes for a refreshing lift.

Some of the rose water recipes can be time consuming and seem complicated. Here are two that I found that are simple to do. Remember do not use petals from flowers that are chemically treated. Check petals for any dirt, insects before placing in pot.

Old Fashioned Recipe:

Items Needed:

Rose Petals
Distilled Water
Enamel Pot (any size)


  • Fill the bottom of an enamel pot with the petals a few inches deep. Pour distilled water over them until they are just covered.
  • Turn on heat for the water to be steaming hot, but do not boil. Let steam until the petals have lost their color, the water has taken on the color of the petals and you see oil skimming the surface. This will take approximately 60 minutes.
  • Strain the water and squeeze out the liquid from the petals, this is your rosewater.

Quick & Easy Version:

  • For every 1 firmly packed cup of petals, pour 2 cups boiling water over top. Cover and steep until the liquid is cool. Strain, squeeze out the liquid from the petals, and refrigerate the liquid in a sterilized jar.

Out in the sun? Skin reddened and hot? Try using rosewater to soothe and revive your skin this season.

Enjoy. Judith



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