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The bees learn where they live by landmarks. If they’re moved within their home range, they get          confused.
Gene Robinson

In my last post I focused on honey. Coincidentally I just watched the documentary Vanishing of the Bees this week. And unfortunately there has been a severe accident where a semi truck overturned in Monatana on Wednesday, 2/9/12 while transporting  9 million bees! Bees are so important for the  pollination of  our food crops. They have been the topic of concern as Colony Collapse Disorder continues to make the news while we continue to transport bees in such high numbers in trucks that provide unnatural conditions. Since the accident just happened this week I would like to summarize some of the facts from the movie:

1. When bees are dying it often  indicates environmental quality.

2. Large commercial bee producers have a mechanized way of artifically inseminating the queen. they have to be removed from the hive in order to do so.

3. When transported bees are often fed sugar water which is not their natural food, subjected to cold temperatures and  exhaust fumes.

4. We have transformed states farming practice from diversity to monocrops.

5. 1 billion pounds of fertilizer are used on our mono agricultural crops since they are very susceptible to pest and other infestations. Most mono crops cannot sustain bees through an entire year.

6. Pesticide residues are found in dissected bees.

What disturbed me the most is that Europe recognized the problem before we did when “Gaucho” a systemic pesticide was introduced.  European beekeepers conducted protests when their hives perished at an alarming rate. They were successful in adopting  precautionary agricultural provisions. Gaucho has been banned and in one year the bees have returned to normal. Here in the US, manufacturers of the chemicals submit their data to the EPA for approval.These companies test for lethal doses. What seems to be happening is that sub level levels of pesticides accumulating over 6 months may be the problem. This is when the colonies collapse. Go to for many related articles.

This one in particular posted on Dr. Mercola’s site is thorough.



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