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Spring. New growth excites and draws us in bringing delight to our senses. Do you notice the colors of spring? Vibrant yellow greens seem to hold the energy of new times, a new cycle. Flowers burst on the scene filling our eyes with a palette filled with color. Mountainsides unfurl before our eyes with new leaf canopies as birds eagerly flit. Evergreens, stately and strong with their deep greens seem to bear witness to spring’s blossoming.

Everyone in nature is mating right now. Birds go in and out of nests with food. Toads have just begun their mating calls and ponds will soon be filled with eggs.

Spring is coming in beautifully this year, a few warm days with refreshing breezes, enough rain to color the lawns in green. Today we had an unexpected thundershower and rain which is still needed in CT. Though levels are higher now forecasters are still predicting June to heat up. 

A few years ago a friend sent out this song. I would like to it share with you as April ends.

Song: I Dreamed of Rain by Jan Garrett and JD Martin

Enjoy. Judith

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