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tea with honey

Honey/Lemon/ Ginger Tea: hot or cold this tea packs a punch. ginger soothes our digestion, brings warmth especially when chilly from colds or flu.
Grate fresh ginger root about 2-4 tbsp into a pan.
Add about 2 cups water and slowly simmer for about 10 mins.
Add lemon juice and honey to taste. This can be served cold as well. Simply make enough to save for later.

For those us who did not study home economics I always have to refer to a cookbook when changing ingredients. I came across these tips from my local beekeeper association,

Kitchen Creations with Honey is a great place to find cooking substitutions using honey.

Cooking with honey: 1 cup sugar is equal to 1 1/3 cup honey; reduce liquid by 6 Tbsp; liquid can mean water, milk, eggs, juices. If recipe calls for boiling, add honey after cooling.
Diabetes: sweeteners are always an issue for the diabetic. Some reports are saying that honey can keep blood sugars at a more consistent level. Each person is different. So use wisely.

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