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Symbols and Dreams

When I look at the landscape of our dreams I am reminded that we are not separate from the world around us.

One of the trails here at the Sanctuary is called the Oak trail. Not as well worn as the medicine trail I enjoyed meandering through hills, steep banks and being with the oak trees in this area. Apparently this land was pasture land at one time so the oaks were relatively young maybe 60, 70 years. What caught my eye were the magnificent beech trees among the oaks. These trees are easily recognized by their smooth silver grey bark. I did not realize the  valuable food source the Beech tree provides. Did you know that beech trees can live to be 200-300 years old?

Parts Used: Leaf buds and spring leaves can be added to soups or salads; Shelled beech nuts can be roasted and made into a coffee like beverage. In Europe in the northern Alpine regions beech nuts were once an important source of cooking oil. The pressed oil is 23% protein, definitely a worthy food source of this important macro nutrient. In Europe beech nuts were a hardy forage food for swine. Twigs and bark were made into a tea. The wood though heavy and hard is not very durable. Many cultures would make objects such as furniture or hand tools.

Properties: astringent, antiseptic, disinfectant; cooling property so bark tea was used for reducing fevers.

Tree Essence: brings confidence in self-expression.

In The Meaning of Trees,by Fred Hageneder, in the old cultures of Europe Beech was revered.

“Thin tablets of beech were bound together to create an alternative to scrolls and a novel way in which to accumulate and preserve knowledge: the book. “

The author continues: ” beech has not only offered humans physical food, but also intellectual sustenance through its association in Europe with the development of writing. Writing gave humankind greater access to knowledge. Hence the beech can be said to bring together the traditions of the Tree of life and the Tree of Knowledge.”

Dreams: In my last post the elders remind us that “It all has meaning.”

I grew up on Beech Rd. Here I found myself attracted to  the lovely beech trees I came across in this forest. Again as a symbol I am reminded of writing and language. As I drove home from my stay at the Sanctuary I had food for thought. Mile after mile I marveled at the gifts I received these few days. Sharing stories with interns, walking quietly in a beautiful community, being with a forest that is cared for, two powerful symbols received at the time of the solstice.

On the way home I thought about my impetus to start a school newspaper in 7th grade. As a senior in high school I wrote a column for the local newspaper. Journals  have been a refuge. Two strong symbols captured my attention this week. Both symbols related to writing and confidence in self expression.

Wow! I enjoyed weaving these threads together. The dreaming time is everything. Intuition, “gut feelings”, night time dreams, day time dreams, synchronicities are all woven together in some mysterious way. When I connect these dots of synchronicity I can’t but feel life is magical.

Yes, my friends, “it all has meaning.”

Enjoy your day. Judith



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