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Recipe: Rose Petal Sandwiches from Mrs. M. Grieves, “ a Modern Herbal”:


Nature is a holistic entity with many systems living in harmony. I have been taught that there is a remedy for what ails us in the world around us if we but look and pay attention. The rose is heralded from all the ages as a symbol of love. This month They begin to bloom and surround us with beauty and fragrance. Could it be that on a mind, body, spirit level including rose petals in our food brings us the essence of love?

The rose is but one example of adding flower petals to our recipes. Many roses have traditionally been put in jams, candied or added as a garnish.


Here’s one recipe I hope you will enjoy.

  1. Put a layer of rose petals in the bottom of a dish.
  2. Place 4oz stick of butter wrapped in waxed paper on top of petals
  3. Cover with a thick layer of rose petals
  4. Cover and leave in a cool place overnight
  5. The next day, cut bread into thin strips or circles.
  6. Spread each slice with the perfumed butter

Another site I found offers this delicious recipe:

For tea sandwiches you will need:
5-7 slices of high-quality white bread, such as Japanese white bread or brioche
6 oz. cream cheese or butter, softened and whipped with a fork
1 Tbs snipped chives
1/2 cup rose petals
Cut out bread using using a 3″ round cookie cutter.
Spread with cream cheese or butter and sprinkle with chives.
Decorate with rose petals radiating from center. Repeat with one or more layers.
The Rose, a beautiful and delicious food and garnish. Do you have a favorite recipe with rose petals? Would you share it with me? I would appreciate it.
Enjoy. Judith

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