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Dreaming with the Muse:

-Do you have a story aching to be born?

– Where in your life do you need more insight?
– Do you have a tune playing inside that needs a voice?
– What pictures do you paint from the gifts of the night?

Join Judith Dreyer, MS  at the Windmore Foundation for the Arts for a 4 part series on dreaming with the  Muse. We have a rich inner landscape that often goes untapped. Dreams provide us with guidance. Whether storytellers, actors, writers, artists or someone looking to tap into their own creativity for answers on life’s journey, this program is for you! We’ll explore techniques for remembering our nighttime dreams, our inspirations and capturing guidance that brings us deep into our Self with many playful and delightful exercises. Please bring your journals, dreams and sense of humor. Tea will be provided.

Where: Windmore Foundation for the Arts, Inc, Culpeper, VA

When: January 19, Feb 2, 9, 16, 2012

Time: 6-8pm

Contact:  or 540-547-4333

This 4 Week Program: Dreaming with the Muse uses the Mandala, or wheel as a tool to design the landscape of our dreams. There will be several different types of exercises offered, time permitting, to engage our creativity as we explore each topic.

Class #1: the East: Introduction

This class discusses and establishes the structure of dream sharing, journaling, ethics and mechanics of exploring our dreams.

Class #2: the South:

Playful exercises engage our imagination that allows the muse to play with us and send us the unique creations that only we as individuals can produce.

Class #3: The West:

Animal guides come to many of us in our dreams. What do they mean? What gifts do they bring? How do they speak to us? Our health and strength can often be tied to some of these messages.

Class#4: The North:

This is where we will review our journeys, sharing wisdom and insight with each other. Dream Theater will allow us a chance to act out a dream or two, time permitting, picking the dreams from our dream sharing of the previous 3 weeks.

Judith Dreyer, MS, BSN, RN, Dream Navigator, Adjunct Lecturer, Workshop Designer and Presenter, Master Gardener, Writer, Artist. Member Windmore Foundation for the Arts, Inc.


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