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Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme”


Augusts’ weather grabs our attention. Hot and humid, gardens go dry and settle in. Some plants are spent; some manage the dry conditions better than others. Culinary herbs come to mind as resilient and hardy through summer’s heat.

Culinary herbs have a long history of uses from seasonings, fragrance, medicine, even charms to ward off evil, or captivate a lover. Most of our favorite culinary herbs are native to the Mediterranean and prefer full sun, good air circulation and well drained soil. Oils, which contain the flavor component in these herbs, have the greatest quantity per plant if exposed to full sun for 6-8 hours/day. These herbs are quite hardy. Pest control is only necessary if you notice a problem.

Drying culinary herbs: I would like to offer some easy tips for gathering and drying your culinary herbs for home use.

  1. Clean herb with garden hose the day before picking;
  2. Gather the next day after the morning moisture has dried off;
  3. Gather just before the plant blooms;
  4. When fall comes stop gathering as this allows time for new growth to harden and for the plant to gather carbohydrates for winter use.
  5. Place loosely on a cookie sheet; put cookie sheet on top of refrigerator to dry which doesn’t take long depending on the weather.
  6. When crispy to the touch in a day or three place in glass jars. Store in cool dry place.
  7. Mix, blend to your culinary taste.

Have fun gathering summers gifts. Judith

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