The West: Dreams: Hummingbird

Hummingbird: I had the opportunity to watch ruby- throat ed hummingbirds when visiting a friend of mine a couple of summers ago. Hummingbird feeders attracted at least 6 pair and they were a delight to watch. Fearless and aggressive they would feed here and then visit the flowers nearby zooming almost not caring if one was in the way. Hummingbirds do stop for a moment or two and would often perch on the rhododendron bushes below the windows while eyeing the red sweet liquid above. When early fall came they packed up their bags and headed south. I have read reports that  they travel great distances up to 2500 miles to their winter destinations.

Symbolically the hummingbird has many characteristics and traits.

The wings beat in a figure 8 type pattern, which is a symbol for infinity.  They are skillful fliers able to fly forwards, backwards, sideways and hover with amazing control. I have also read that they never walk. They have long tongues and beaks to extract nectar from flowers and help in the pollination of flowers.

The females give birth to 2 eggs and that number is significant. It is said to be  the number of the feminine a reminder to give a voice to the feminine within. Hummingbirds to me represent joy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, joy is the emotion of the heart, Joy is  an emotion that when out of balance can be manic or depressed.

Charming acrobats, endurance athletes, tiny colorful fliers that enchant us. Which of their many charms has flown into your dreams today?

Spring Equinox: “The Music We Are” by Rumi

The Music We are by Rumi






Did you hear that winter’s over?

The basil and the carnations

cannot control their laughter.
The nightingale, back from his wandering,

has been made singing master over
all the birds. The trees reach out

their congratulationsf The soul
goes dancing through the king’s doorway.

Anemones blush because they have seen
the rose naked. Spring, the only fair

judge, walks in the courtroom, and
several December thieves steal away.

Last year’s miracles will soon be
forgotten. New creatures whirl in

From nonexistence, galaxies scattered
around their feet. Have you met them?

Do you hear the bud of Jesus crooning
in the cradle? A single narcissus

flower has been appointed Inspector
Of Kingdoms. A feast is set. Listen.

The wind is pouring wine! Love
Used to hide inside images. No more!

The orchard hangs out its lanterns.
The dead come stumbling by in shrouds.

Nothing can stay bound or be imprisoned.
You say, “End this poem here and

Wait for what’s next.” I will. Poems
Are rough notations for the music we are.

Rumi: the book of Love by Coleman Barks


Winter Leaves and Spring Arrives



Winter ends this coming week. Spring begins. The wheel of life follows this rhythm of nature. The Equinox is upon us, equal day and equal night, once again.  For me the equinox heralds a new year.  Tension builds as winter wanes. Breezes capture a southerly warmth. Birds give birth and share their morning melodies a tribute to a new day. We start our gardens taking out the first tender shoots  placing them gently in the ground.

What have been the gifts of your winter? I like to look back and reflect on the inner growth, the quiet times I experienced when nature goes dormant. We’ve had a mild winter at least most of us here on the east coast have and for that I am grateful. Spring in all her beauty descends upon our land. What gifts will she bring? I offer my prayers for both seasons. With a pinch of tobacco or cornmeal I offer thanks for the blessings of winter past, and a pinch for spring’s gifts to come. I offer prayers for all of you too, that your hopes and your best dreams for spring come true. Happy Spring! Judith

Upcoming Radio Interview: Sunday Feb 26th 11-12noon

I am pleased to announce I will be interviewed

by Jakki Price of radio show.

It airs this sunday Feb 26th from 11-12noon.

We’ll talk about my 2 favorite topics:

Wild edibles and how I turned a lawn into a backyard meadow-land and Dreams. Join us at:

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The West: Dreaming with the Bees

When I awaken in the morning with a dream that has my attention the first question I ask is: does this relate to my everyday life? Am I being warned about something? Am I uncomfortable enough with the dream to pay attention to some issue in my everyday life? If the immediate answer is no and I do not feel any immediate threat then I look at the dreams more carefully and symbolically.

I begin with: what do bees mean to me? And what do I know about the bees? So what type of bee was in the dream? What was it doing? How did the bee relate  to me in the dream?

For me they symbolize unity, cooperative living and working.  They seem to work for the good of the whole. Bees will leave a hive if disease is threatened and are an indication of the environmental quality of  an area.  The honey and propolis, 2 products that the honeybee makes are antifungal, antibiotic, and anti microbial. According to Ted Andrews in Animal Speak, bees were associated with accomplishing the impossible. The ancients revered the bee for its wisdom or as a symbol of wisdom. Honey represents the sweetness of life.

What do bees mean to you? Enjoy your explorations of a dream that contains a bee. For me they feel special, a message. What do they mean to you?


The West: Dreaming with the Bee


Dreams have been a passion of mine it seems like forever. I remember dreams from an early age and became serious in my quest to find answers. Yet ironically the answers were there right along in the dream, the people, the places, the structures when seen symbolically contained the very answers I was seeking. How so you may ask? “They frighten me or they are so confusing they make no sense or better yet it’s the stuff of fools so ignore them.” My journey through the territory of my dreams has been fascinating, enlightening, frustrating and awesome.  Dreams are messages to us from us or our soul if you prefer. It is said that our hearts process far more than our mental mind during the waking state. It’s the night that can unlock the energy, the messages, and the assessments of our days.

Since bees are the focus of my blog this month how can bees in our dreams be revealing? What do bees mean to you? Have you ever had dreams with bees in them? If so what feeling did you have when awakened? Were they in the background or major player? I will suggest that you write down a dream with bees if you have one and on the next post we’ll go further into understanding the role a bee could play.  Then look up the type of bee you dreamed of… was it a honeybee or a wasp? Discover how it lives, works, procreates. Is it social or solitary?

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