Podcast: Holistic Nature of Us: Ellen Moyer: To Help or Harm?

Podcast: Meet Ellen Moyer, author, TED talk presenter, who talks about her new book, Our Earth, Our Species, Our Selves: How to THRIVE While Creating a Sustainable World. I invited Ellen back to discuss the socio-economic implications of sustainability or not. What are the costs of eating meat and the long-term implications for our planet? What happens on pig farms that destroys property values in some states? Ellen offers intriguing insights on the short and long-term implications of some of the choices we make today specifically with regards to our food system. Ellen’s vast experience creating green environments offers all of us great creative solutions which we can act upon today. Some simple, some inspiring. And please comment, share and like. Thanks!

About my guest: Environmental engineer Ellen Moyer, Ph.D., wrote this book, her third, to empower and inspire readers to accelerate our urgently needed global transformation. She has more than three decades of experience in assessing and cleaning up contaminated soil and groundwater and designing “green” systems and solutions. Moyer holds a BA in anthropology, an MS in environmental engineering, and a Ph.D. in civil engineering. She is a registered professional engineer, a US Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional, and a regular contributor to The Huffington Post. www.ellenmoyerphd.com.

Transcript: #19 Ellen Moyer

Blog: Planting by the Moon



Planting by the Moon? Romantic, Scientific? A Folk Tale?

It seems it’s all of the above and more. The Old Farmers Almanac gave gardening advice based on the moon phases for each month and region. They continue to do so. They relate many tales of local gardeners relying on the moon phases who grew larger turnips and harvested an abundance of beans. Yet has science caught up to the folklore? Some sources, such as the Rudolph Steiner biodynamic method, follow moon phases and claim abundant results.

The idea is the full moon correlates to gravitational pull upward. Tissues swell, growth expands upward. By the same principle, after the new moon occurs, planting bulbs, perennials, roots seems to produce a positive outcome too. Some scientists will give the gravitational pull effect a nod and others will consider the lunar gravitational pull as something to objectify.

Ute York, in her book “Living by the Moon”, says:

“The old-time gardeners say, “With the waxing of the moon, the earth exhales. ” When the sap in the plants rises, the force first goes into the growth above ground. Thus, you should do all activities with plants that bear fruit above ground during a waxing moon. With the waning of the moon, the earth inhales. Then, the sap primarily goes down toward the roots. Thus, the waning moon is a good time for pruning, multiplying, fertilizing, watering, harvesting, and controlling parasites and weeds” 

We know trees inhale and exhale but the earth too? Does it matter? We’ve been planting for eons. Some get it right, maybe have “green thumbs”, some of us are not so good at gardening. Biodynamic farming communities seem to thrive, combining good soil practices with moon phase, astrological understanding. My podcast guest this week, Agneta Borstein, professional astrologer, teacher and Shamanic practitioner would agree. A native of Sweeden, now living here in CT, plants by the moon and wouldn’t do it any other way.

My grandfather was an immigrant. He came here from Lithuania in the early 1900’s. He had a  green thumb and though I don’t know for sure I suspect he planted by the moon. Older cultures seem to know this, have this wisdom.

Goumbik / Pixabay

Do you or your family plant by the phases of the moon? What wisdom did you learn from older family members? If yes, I would enjoy your stories. Send us a comment. Please like and share. Thanks, and enjoy.


Podcast: Talking to the Stars: Agneta Borstein, Astrologer

Description: Today’s podcast approaches holism from a different perspective, namely astrology. Astrology is embedded in our human experience. If we follow Astrology’s history in our development as a species, we see that every time and place has found its own way of “talking with the planets.” Meet Agneta Borstein, professional astrologer, teacher and shamanic practitioner who takes on a journey with Taurus, the moon, and eclipses and relates it to our everyday life connecting the dots to our holistic nature.

About My Guest: Agneta Borstein, is a professional astrologer, workshop facilitator, teacher, author, and shamanic practitioner who combines her thirty years of healing with a distinct and personal approach. Born in Sweden, Agneta incorporated her BA in business with metaphysics and operated an alternative bookstore for twenty-one years. She maintains her private practices in West Hartford and Avon, CT, has spoken at numerous conferences, is the current president of the Astrological Society of CT, Inc. She is the Producer and host of the astrological Nutmeg TV show “From the Sky to Earth”, and is the author of The Moon’s Nodes, Understanding the Dynamic Ties that Bind.

Transcript: Transcript Agneta Borstein

Blog: Ocean Sound Pollution Affecting Our Friends


The ocean world is dependent on sound more so than vision. Sound travels differently in a watery medium. It moves faster and can travel longer. Water can bend sound waves too, diverting a straight line into a zigzag type of path. What is our noise, from boats, oil rigs, deep water testing, and sonar, doing to our friends who live in the sea?

A lot.

My guest this week, Dr. Leesa Sklover, ocean activist, musician, and composer, says that whales, dolphins, shrimp, turtles, and zooplankton cannot escape harm from these practices. It’s disorienting, and if a whale cannot hear it’s basically dead. Disorientation causes stress chemicals and hormones to increase which has the potential to enter our food supply. She inspired me through her writing, her songs and passion to share with you the seriously detrimental effects noise pollution has on our ocean friends.

“The speed of sound in pure water is 1,498 meters per second, compared to 343 meters per second in air at room temperature and pressure.” Sound travels faster in the ocean because there are more molecules — specifically salt molecules — for waves to interact with, as well as higher surface temperatures.”(Sciencing)

Noise pollution has increased dramatically over the years. Increased shipping, advanced military sonic testing technologies, commercial boats, huge liners all contribute to noise pollution. Echolocation, finding prey becomes harder. Populations are diminishing, not only whales, dolphins, and other sea life but food for the larger species is scarce too. Factor in the inability to hear the click of a salmon due to noise pollution and we are finding whales who are malnourished and some cannot bring a fetus to full term

Legislation is against them too. The Cetacean Society states:

ACTION NEEDED: The newly released Presidential FY 2019 budget has taken direct aim at programs that are critical for the conservation of whales and dolphins. The Marine Mammal Commission (MMC), an independent government agency that provides science-based reviews of U.S. ocean policies that impact marine mammals and their environment, has been targeted for elimination. The cost of the MMC’s work to the US taxpayer? One penny per person per year.

The budget also looks to cut overall funding to the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) by 14 percent. Even worse, the NMFS enforcement budget would be slashed by 25 percent putting cetaceans at risk from a variety of illegal activities. There are also serious cuts proposed to critical research on protected species, and habitat conservation and restoration.

If holism means the whole is only as strong as its parts, what’s happening in the oceans affects us. Ocean species are suffering and what are we doing to protect them? Do we have some responsibility to them as part of this world? Are we at a tipping point and seduced in thinking all is okay?

My Native elders would point to nature over and over again as precious, invaluable to life, and in a sense, nature’s operating system mirrors ours. If one part is dying, are we dying? In Earth Calling, by Ellen Gunter and Ted Carter, we are poked and prodded with facts to look around and feel something for the destruction going on and take action. Many of us enjoy these creatures from the sea. But are we doing enough to protect them from harm?

Enjoy Dr. Sklover’s song: See Me As I Am:  

What are you doing? I enjoy hearing your comments/your stories. Please share. Thanks.



Podcast: Holistic Nature of Us: Meet Dr. Leesa Sklover, Composer, Music Therapist

Description: My guest, Dr, Leesa Sklover, combines her talents in music, composing, singing, recording with the sounds that come from our oceans. Not just whales, but the clicks of lobsters add to the overall composition in delightful ways, connecting us through our wonderful senses. Sound moves us. We are enchanted by the sounds of whales and dolphins as we roam the deep blue seas. Her recording: Ode to the Arctic Angels is included in this podcast, a beautiful gift.

About My Guest: Leesa Sklover, Ph.D., LPC, C-IAYT, MA-CMT, IKYTA, A recording artist, of contemporary country and pop, and interspecies music, a film composer, Licensed counselor, music therapist, Ocean activist most of her life. A certified yoga therapist, Kundalini yoga teacher and sacred music and Eco Music artist. She worked at Canyon Ranch Spa for 12 years, in many hospitals and private practice for over 20 years, currently offices in Branford, Glastonbury, Shelton, and NYC. She is on the board for Cetacean society international and lectures and performs at workshops and conferences. She has been a professor at Sacred Heart University and the Master’s program at The Graduate Institute.

Drsklover@gmail.com, LoveLifeProductions.net, 917 860 0488

TranscriptPod Transcript Dr. Leesa Sklover

Blog: Dreaming Our Wild Self




I am taking a leave from my usual blog themes to write about another subject I am passionate about: dreams and dreaming which I use in the broadest sense.

Dreaming, understanding the symbolic nature of nighttime dreams, our intuitive senses has pushed me to find out more. Dreaming has nagged me to go deeper and find that which I feel I came here to do. Mysteries and symbols abound leaving me more and more curious. None of this has to do with the trials of the journey but rather woke me up to contribute to the journey of life in my unique way, no matter what. Can you say the same? Do you cook, clean, paint, garden, work with gusto or are you on remote control? Yes, we experience hills and valleys. That’s normal. For me, I want to be able to face myself when this part of my soul path is complete knowing I did the best I could and shared my gifts and talents in some measure. Do you feel the same way about your life path?

Have you ever done deep inner work and emerged feeling different towards your world? Have you done deep inner work, and found you opened your eyes differently? What puts a fire in your belly? What is it you can contribute so you feel that your life is worthwhile?

Robert Ohotto and Caroline Myss, two of my favorite teachers, remind me that if I let my insecurities, my weaknesses steer the ship, then I will be operating from fate. However, once I committed to following my dreams, understanding living from a place of awakened dreaming I understood destiny. One is ego based, one is based on deep inner knowing and taking practical action.

kellepics / Pixabay

When I stepped into the world of shamanic dreams with, Robert Moss, author of Conscious Dreams and more, I found myself feeling a spark of aliveness, a feeling of a more intimate connection with the world around me I hadn’t really felt before. My senses were sharper especially my inner senses. And, in a deep sense, I reconnected with a wilder side of my nature that was humbling yet poignant, awesome yet mysterious. I loved it

I explored the world of symbols and received many gifts that brought a feeling of magic back, something I felt long ago. I followed my dreams, both mundane and practical. One step led to another which eventually brought me to understand my gifts and talents more fully for practical action. Do I understand the purpose of my life? If I believe my life is a part of the Divine than how can I possibly know the intricate purpose of my life? Marianne Williamson says we are afraid of the power we have as a human being. I started to feel a different sense of power rise up, one that’s fueled my curiosity in ways I could not have imagined a few short years ago. Yet my life unfolds as part of the Mystery just like yours.

Brian Stafford, founder of eco-psyche-artistry and also a guide for Animas Valley Institute, my podcast guest this week, reminds us how dreaming is a part of who we are, an invaluable aspect of us as humans. He shares a beautiful poem brought forth from his inner Dreamtime work engaging us within his creative spark.

spirit111 / Pixabay

How would you define your “wild “side?  Have you discovered aspect/s of your wild self, that part of self that engages with your life more fully, and is more fully present? How do you see fate and destiny? What path are you following?

Intrigued? Here’s the link to my ongoing online dream classes. Here we share a process for practical action from our dreaming time. Interested? Drop me a line or two. I enjoy hearing from you. Please share.

Happy Dreaming. Judith

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