Blog: Music From the Plants: Honoring Meditation Garden Day




Can you heart the plants sing? We hear sounds from the meadows and forests with the movement of air. But, did you know that plants make their own music too?





“Since the 1970s, Damanhur—a Federation of Communities with its own constitution, culture, art, music, currency, school and uses of science and technology (—has researched communication with the plant world. As part of this research, they created an instrument able to perceive the electromagnetic variations from the surface of plant leaves to the root system and translated them into sound.” Pretty cool, right. Extensive research is ongoing as we develop more and more sensitive equipment to help us hear, interact, understand the complexity of the plant world. If we believe we are one, then we are connected to everything. These tools give us another way to connect with and respect the plant world, to cohabit with them.

My guest this week, Jen Frey, does just that. She mentions Damanhur community, the type of equipment needed and brings this awareness to many events.

Since May 3rd Is Garden Meditation Day I thought I would include a plant song, Red Roses, for you to use for your meditation today. Red Roses, long the symbol of love shares her beautiful music. Remember all comments, and shares are appreciated. Enjoy. Judith


The Sound of Music


I just got back from teaching  at Western Ct State University. My classes are holistic health based and a joy to share.  The journey of creating bridges of understanding that develops is a fascinating process that reveals itself from the first class to the end. I never tire of the questions and explorations that go on.

One of the topics covered is body therapies. While wide in range and scope I try to  give the students a taste of several types that we as consumers use/enjoy/ incorporate into our lives though not regularly taught in medical or nursing schools. One in particular captured my interest over the weekend. I attended a concert given by Eve Watters, a Celtic harpist and gifted storyteller.  She wove her stories and tales, music and sounds in a delightful and enchanting way.  Eve reminded us of her intention “to give us many  sounds like vitamins”.  Using the harp, 5 string banjo, dulcimer and native american flute, she played for us, sang for us, told us tales from far and wide allowing us to laugh and giggle or to simply be in the moment that each note created. We forget sometimes the power of simple tales told over an evening meal with loved ones. What stories hold your attention? What are your family tales? Is there someone you could listen to again, a story from an elder that you can keep, protect and pass down? Music transports us doesn’t it? So do stories….

Enjoy this beautiful day. Judith