Diversity: We Are What We Eat: Documentary

I thought this clip thought provoking on the work needed to be done to bring more balance into our agriculture and the food products we have allowed to permeate our grocery store shelves that are very unhealthy for all of us. I have my students research one common entree from fast food restaurant and list for the class not only the salt, sugars and fats but also the number of ingredients in that common selection. They are surprised and totally unaware of the number and types of chemical ingredients, the number of sugars that are in the buns, meat products etc.

I hope you will take a minute to watch this short video. What are your comments? What group can you support that has the members, the know how to get these atrocities into the public eye? I recommend the organic consumers .org,  the center for science in the public interest, cornucopia institute for starters.

Its time to address these tough questions. Every purchase we make casts a vote. Where is your food vote being cast today?

Enjoy your day. Judith