Blog: Finding Our Destiny, Understanding Soul

We have many problems facing us today and our future. Many of us are tired, angry even with the lack of legislative action protecting water, food, air, and soil. It seems we take two steps forward and now we seem to be taking three steps back. Yet, much innovation abounds, often at the grassroots level. We are making a difference.  Yes, more needs to be done. Can we grow stronger more fulfilling communities without gangs, violence, with sustainable food, water, soil, and air resources?

My podcast series, Holistic Nature of Us seeks to be a voice, adding a contribution to our global community following my soul path. Yet how many of us are taught about Soul? We hear Soul referenced in specific work, as a common metaphor but what inner work are we doing to move from intense consumerism which is ego based to one that is ecologically based? Bill Plotkin defines soul as: “a thing’s ultimate place in the world”

My work with dreams, archetypes, the shadow from Carl Jung’s framework has helped me dig deeper into understanding my soul’s path and destiny in ways I could not have imagined. The podcast series was born, following my inner guidance and passion,  I enjoy interviewing, I do a lot of public speaking and so I combined two loves into one venue. I have to tell you I am enjoying the process immensely.

My podcast guest this week, Rebecca Wildbear, river and soul guide works with Bill Plotkin’s Soulcraft program. Bill founded Animas Valley Institute based in Colorado. He reminds me that the post-industrial world is collapsing. What can we contribute to the reinvention of a more healthy culture? He feels we are basically stuck in early adolescence. We need to help each other, get back to more soul-based, mystical work, honoring the natural world once. While this will take time, generations even, we, as part of this masterful world have our own unique contribution to offer. What’s yours? I offer this video to give you an overview of his timely perspective.

For me, this is exciting work. I have been a dreamer all my life and can only tell you how much I have grown doing the deep inner work. I have been privileged to partake in ceremony, deep rituals that have given profound meaning to what I do, who I strive to be, and what fosters my contributions.

What does soul mean to you? What inspired you about Bill’s message?

Have you discovered what makes you sing? get up and go to work from gratitude and joy? Dance with family and friends? What gift do you feel you are bringing to your community?  What do you think about Bill’s SoulCraft message?

I enjoy your comments, your stories. Please share. Thanks.

Enjoy. Judith


Podcast: Holistic Nature of Us: Rebecca Wildbear, River and soul Guide

Description: Rebecca Wildbear is a river and soul guide, compassionately helping people tune in to the mysteries that live within the wild Earth community, the Dreamtime, and their own wild nature. This podcast takes a different approach to sustainability. It ‘s about how we sustain ourselves through the journey of life that can detract us from finding the “soul ” of things, for our growth and happiness. Rebecca leads journeys into the wilderness, allowing us to spend time in nature to reconnect on deeper levels. After all, we are so alike, made from earth, air, water, and fire. We need the Earth and she needs us to awaken again to her gifts, her presence, her majesty.

About my Guest: A nature-based river and soul guide, Rebecca guides Wild Yoga and Animas Valley Institute programs. She supports people in tuning into the mysteries that live within the animate natural world, dreams, and their own body and deep imagination. Rebecca supports people in discovering their soul’s deepest longing and living a life of creative service while rediscovering their deep belonging within the Earth community. Rebecca is the creator of Wild Yoga™, a sacred way of breathing and moving, aligned with Earth and Soul. For more about Rebecca, visit

Transcript Rebecca Wildbear 

Podcast: Holistic Nature of Us: Meet Linda Wiggen Kraft: Gardens for the Soul

Description: “A garden for the soul nurtures and supports the gifts and talents of each person. There is a union of the inner landscape of the Soul, with the outer landscape of the garden.” Gardens and Soul, connecting our inner landscape with the outer provides a deeply rich discussion. Join Linda Wiggen Kraft and me as we walk through gardens with respect, honoring the intelligence in nature, supporting sustainability.

About my Guest: Linda Wiggen Kraft is a garden designer, garden writer, artist, creativity teacher and meditation teacher. Her work centers around enhancing body, mind, hear, and soul through art and gardens. She is based in St. Louis, Missouri. Her writing and gardens have been featured locally and nationally. She teaches workshops around the country.
Her professional experience combines the creativity of a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, the pragmatism a Master of Business Administration degree and the calm centeredness of a Meditation Teacher.
She can be reached through her website: or

Podcast Transcript LW Kraft 

Holistic Nature of Us: Meet Lynne Hartwell, Alternative Practitioner

Description: We are destined to align with nature and the earth’s frequencies. For example, science is proving how frequencies from our heart can align with the heart frequencies of the earth and vice versa. Simply being in nature, observing, touching trees realigns us and we feel more serene. Join us for a lively discussion where Lynne offers practical tips and practical wisdom.

About the Author: Lynne Hartwell is an Alternative Medicine Practitioner and Psychic Intuitive. She is certified in several different holistic modalities including Medicinal Aromatherapy, ThetaHealing®, TSR® (Therapeutic System Realignment), Vibrational Sound Therapy (Tibetan bowls and Ting-shaws) and Holographic Sound Healing®. Lynne brings this knowledge and experience to others in both public and private sessions, helping them transform their lives in positive ways physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Podcast Transcript: #5 Lynn Hartwell

Navigating Your Dreams: A New Online Program

Have you ever wondered what that weird nighttime dream is telling you? Or the reoccurring one? Do you fly and love the feeling? Need a solution to something that has you stumped?

Our dream time is a vast, unexplored territory that takes us to new lands, other world beings, guides and family that only wants the best for us. Dreams speak in symbolic language. However, we are not taught to ‘crack our own code’ so to speak so we can understand and learn from them.  Dream Navigation is my program of learning to do just that!

Hi folks, my second passion is working with dreams, whether nighttime or daydreams, all are important. I have paired up with Solstice Strategy Partners to offer an online course…

Contact me directly for more information: put Dream Class in subject line.

Navigating Your Dreams

Fall Session: Sept 11, Sept 25 & Oct 9, Oct 23

Daydreams and dreams while we sleep are a powerful way for us to tap in to our intuition and listen to the voice within.  Our dreams can bring us answers to important questions, solutions to problems, creative inspirations and even warnings.

In this 4-part workshop, dream expert and author Judith Dreyer, MS will teach a variety of techniques for remembering our dreams and capturing the guidance that each dream brings.   Participants will come away from this experience with more clarity about themselves and an amazing new tool for continued self-discovery.

This is a 4-part online class that meets every other Monday evening from 7-9pm EST and follows a workbook that was designed and written by Judith.  All participants will video-conference in to this live class.

I look forward to hearing from you. Judith

Upcoming Class: Dreaming with the Muse

(Open book with magical green tree and rays of light on wooden deck)

Dreaming with the Muse

Do you have a story aching to be born?

Where in your life do you need more insight?

Do you have a tune playing inside that needs a

What pictures do you paint from the gifts of the

Judith Dreyer, MS offers an introductory class 5 part series, on what it means to dream with our Muse. We have a rich inner landscape that often goes untapped. Dreams provide us with guidance. Whether storytellers, actors, writers, artists or someone looking to tap into their own creativity for answers on life’s journey, this program is for you! We’ll explore techniques for remembering our nighttime dreams, our inspirations and capturing guidance that brings us into our deep Self using the Lightening Dream technique. Please bring your journals, something for an altar.

Note:Those of you interested but feel you don’t dream are also invited. We are all creative and the muse touches us through practice and imagination.This is a five part class with dates as follows:

Where: Solstice Strategy Partners 129 Tolland Rd Tolland, CT.

Dates: Monday evenings: 7-9 pm Jan 16, 23, 30, Feb 6 and Feb 13, 2017

Snow dates: to be announced

Fees: $25/class: $120 for all five paid up front.

Contact: for more class info.