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The Earth Element

The earth grounds us. Walking barefoot, feeling the grasses, and stepping into mud evokes childhood delights. As children, it is easy to dance, spin, and tumble upon the earth. As adults, we’ve created earth grounding: laying upon the earth as naked as possible for 30 minutes or so.
“The central theory from one review studyTrusted Source is that grounding affects the living matrix, which is the central connector between living cells.
Electrical conductivity exists within the matrix that functions as an immune system defense, similar to antioxidants. They believe that through grounding, the natural defenses of the body can be restored. Further research expands on this idea.”.

We’ve created forest bathing: walking into our forests, breathing with the trees and plants, just being amid elder trees, and the inherent intelligence within nature with no agenda. Listening to the wind. Soft or gentle. Listening to the wind play with the leaves. Soft or stirring like a symphony. Smelling pine or a nearby stream. Engaging all our senses. I do find it humorous that we need to intellectualize being outdoors. My mother simply said: “Go outside and play.”

Digging in the dirt, squeezing mud between our toes, holding precious soil in our hands, and breathing in the elements here that nurture peace bring tranquility to our busy minds.

One earth element, crystals, engages us with color, texture, and form. Crystals grab our attention with their beauty and charm. Why? What is it about them that captures our attention? Have you ever dreamed of crystals? I have. In one dream, I met the spirit of amethyst and amber. It felt magical, like a medieval tapestry with flowers, fields, long dresses, and elegance. Whether true or not, the dream stirred my imagination to look into these crystals more and bring them into my home. And the dream stirred my imagination to the possibility that maybe nature reaches out to us through other senses like the Dreamtime.

The earth is our foundation, offering reassurance and grounding. It’s an element of our bodies, too. We breathe air; we need water for cleansing. Fire ignites chemical reactions within our cells for health and vitality. Earth composes our bones and all structures. Our bodies perform so much for us without directed thought. Embracing the symbolism of the four elements, representing the four directions, allows us to tap into the earth’s innate intelligence and wisdom. It is said that the earth holds all the answers to all our questions. My native American elders felt that way and constantly reminded us to sit in the stillness and go out into nature for our answers.

Today, I remind you to spend, if able, some time in nature. In Wilderness School, we were asked to spend 20 minutes in the morning and evening finding a favorite “sit” spot. I did that for a long while. It helped me when my mind needed to quiet down, stop the sorting out, and just be.

For more information about the four directions and the earth element, check out my latest book, Navigating Your Dream World, available on Amazon and my website.

In the meantime, sweet dreaming. Judith


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